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This article is about the Chrono Cross boss. You may be looking for the general character article.

Flea is a secret boss appearing in Chrono Cross, fighting along with Ozzie and Slash. Similar to his Chrono Trigger appearance, Flea sports a white skirt with pink trim, and a short bob haircut also in the color of pink. Unlike the traditional Flea, this version has a darker complexion, lacks a cape, and wears his hair in a bob haircut style instead of a braid style.

Confirmed to be male in Chrono Trigger, when Frog denounces the magician's physical appearance as being an illusion, it is also confirmed when he is battle at the Bend of Time in Chrono Cross. Each enemy, character, and boss in the game has a gender icon. Flea's gender icon is the one used for males.

Along with his companions, Flea can be trapped in the Forget-Me-Not Pot for use with Sprigg's Doppelgang Tech.

Boss Battle Strategy[]

The battle against Flea is restricted to New Game Plus game saves.

Flea is a Red Innate that absorbs Red Techs and Elements. Best not to cast them on Flea, as the possible damage will be converted in Hit Points that heal him. Interestingly, Flea, in Chrono Trigger casts several Fire-elemental spells, so it is no surprise that this idea transferred to the game's sequel.

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