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Flea Bustier (マヨネーのブラ , Mayone's Bra?) (also known as Flea Vest in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Effects vary between games.

Chrono Trigger[]

Raising a character's Magic Defense by 12, it is obtained by using Charm on Flea in Ozzie's Fort and can be worn by any character. The in-game description is: "Flea's favorite bustier."

Chrono Cross[]

Exclusive to male characters, Flea's Bustier raises Magic Defense by 13 points and afflicts the wearer with Exhaustion and Cursed. It can be dismantled for 1 Mythril and 10 Feathers or it can be sold for 18180G. Only obtainable in New Game Plus, Flea's Bustier is a rare steal from Flea. The in-game description is: "Flea's undershirt makes him look feminine".

Name Origin[]

Stemming from the word bust, Bustier is a tight-fitting (often strapless) top worn as a brassiere or outer garment. Unsurprisingly, since this garment belongs to a mage, it boosts Magic Defense. The word bra was omitted from the English version for censorship reasons, although, oddly enough, the cross-dressing aspect of Flea's personality was not considered inappropriate. The word bra was exchanged for the more innocuous bustier in the Chrono Trigger (DS) re-release.

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