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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

Footprints! Follow is the thirteenth chapter of Chrono Trigger.


Crono, Ayla, and another party member (Marle, Lucca, or Robo) need to find the Gate Key that has been stolen.

Tip: The Trader is trading for armor and weapons for items you acquire at the Hunting Range. Kill some Prehistoric Frogs, and Ion Clouds to get some. Defeat a Nu to get alot of stuff to trade.

Note: Nus only come out when it rains and they appear in random places in the Hunting Grounds. They only do physical attacks but they hit like a Mac Truck (all your HP except for 1HP). When defeated you get 3 fangs, petals, and horns.

At the Forest Maze, Kino looks at the entrance of the maze, very sadly. Ayla tells Kino what happened to the key, but Kino took it, because Ayla said she likes Crono, Kino was jealous. But that doesn't mean she likes Crono better than Kino. Kino said to Ayla, Reptites took the Gate Key. Time to go through the Maze and find it. The Maze is filled with, Golden Eaglets, Red Eaglets, Kilwalas, Crested Sprinters, and Bao Baos.

Tip: Treasure is found all over the Maze.

Once you find the exit to the Maze, find the Reptite Lair. The Reptite Lair is a hideout for the Reptites. Inside the Lair is filled with, Aecyto Weevils, Megasaurs, Reptites, Bao Baos, Rafflesia and Mossbacks. Look for treasure as well.

Tip: Every few seconds or minutes or so, the Aecyto Weevil's will drill holes in the ground. You can go through them, and find lots of other treasures in the inaccessible areas. Treasure such as: Hi-Potion and an Elixir.

When the group gets to the southern part of the Lair, Azala has the Gate Key! Azala greets the group, and asks about the Key. No matter what choice you have, Azala sents Nizbel to kill the group. Use Crono's Light to shock the Nizbel, once Electric Discharge goes off, hit him again. Once Nizbel has been defeated, Azala brings back to Key, and says, "You've won today, but know that we Reptite's are still the rulers of Earth. WE'LL NEVER SURRENDER IT TO YOU FILTHY APES. (Possible reference to Planet Of The Apes starring Charlton Heston)

Note: Reptites call humans Hairless Apes

Nizbel Strategy: Party: Chrono, Ayla, Marle: Shock Nizbel with Lightning to lower Defense, use Ayla's Cat Attack (380+HP), use Ice Sword (Dual Tech 500+ Damage when shocked), Nizbel does a low-damage stomp when defenses are up, he also does Electrical Discharge (AoE Lightning for 100+ Damage) after you attack him a few turns. If your party members fall use Athenia Water to revive pop potions/Mid-Potions to heal. Use Aura Whirl (AoE Heal) to heal more effectively. Shock him again to lower DEF.

Ayla taunts Azala, then vomits. Back at Ioka Village, Ayla, and Kino say good-bye. Go back to Mystic Mountains, and head back to Medina Village at the Present.

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