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Forget-Me-Not Pot
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Description Memorizes monsters to be used in Doppelgang ability.
Sell 10 G
Materials 5 Bones

Forget-Me-Not Pot is an accessory in Chrono Cross. Normally, to get Sprigg a doppelgang, she has to achieve the killing blow on a monster. This mystic jar, however, allows whoever has it equipped to perform this role. These creatures are then added to the list of available monsters with which to fight Janice and provide Sprigg with many new Doppelgang forms. Forget-Me-Not Pot can be dismantled for 5 Bones or sold for 10 G. The wearer must deliver the killing blow for the monster to be added to the roster. There is no reason to equip Sprigg with this since she must still kill the monster in her original form.


Name Origin[]

While it seems clear that the origin of this name comes from the pots ability to store or remember a battled enemy for use later in Sprigg's Tech, Myosotis is also a tiny blue flower that blooms in clusters.