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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

Forward To The Past is the sixteenth chapter of Chrono Trigger.


A voice was calling for Crono to wake up. It was Marle saying, "Honey, you'll be late for work." Which means Crono is married to Marle? Well, not really, it was just a dream. Crono, and the third party member (Marle, Lucca, or Robo) wake up, and find Ayla. Ayla says she found them in the Mystic Mountains, fell down, and hurt themselves. Frog wakes up, and says "Magus!" meaning that Frog might think Magus is still around. Ayla, looks at Frog, then asks Crono, "Big Frog present, for Ayla eat?" Frog asks Ayla if Magus was with them, Ayla says, "No, only find you, Cape one more tasty?" So, looks like Magus has fled. Then the third party member was wondering, if Magus didn't create Lavos, then how did Lavos come to earth? Ayla tells them not to worry about it, and she tells them to rest. A couple of hours later, the party wakes up, and Kino enters the room, asking if they were okay. Kino tells them that this is the big fight, last fight, beat all Reptites, or Reptites beat all. Then a Ioka citizen comes to Hut, and tells Kino that there is a Forest Fire. Head outside, and find yourselves back at Ioka Village in Prehistory. There is a new location, Laruba Ruins, the Laruba Village has been destroyed by Reptites, because they followed Ayla, after Ayla attacked the Reptite Lair, and defeated some Reptites, and Nizbel. The Laruba Elder yells at Ayla, and Ayla says sorry, and the Elder was saying how it is not to fight the Reptites. Ayla asks for Dactyls, because Ayla wanted to go to Tyranno Lair, which is the Reptite Castle / Citadel. Crono, and the other players, head towards Dactyl Nest, and fights some Schists, Cave Apes, and Avian Rexs.

Tip: Be sure to get some treasure, on the way up to where the Dactyls are.

Tip: You have to go to Laruba Ruins, before you go to the Dactyl Nest.

Note: You can still go to Dactyl Nest, the first time the party heads to 65,000,000 B.C., but all you can do is fight the enemies, inside.

Ayla summons a Dactyl, and Ayla finds Crono, and the other members behind her. They want to go with her, but Ayla refuses. But then they beg her to go, they don't want her to die. A little help from friends might help. Ayla summons two more Dactyls, so one of the party members (besides Crono) needs to go back to the End of Time. Head on the Dactyl, and go on to Tyranno Lair!

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