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Fritz is a character seen in Chrono Trigger. He is an innocent young man with strong family values. He runs the shop in Truce, along with his wife and father in the Present.


Fritz was first mentioned when the party is at the pier, and Fritz's wife, Elaine, was waiting for him to come home because he traveled to Choras. Then, after the party returns to the year 1000 A.D and after they visited the Middle Ages, the Merchants went back to the Market to restock. The Merchant was wondering where was Fritz is. Then after Crono was captured, and taken to the Prison Towers, he finds Fritz, awaiting execution. After freeing Fritz, he thanks Crono and escapes the castle. After the party returns to Truce and after they discovered the year 2300A.D and visited Medina Village, and the End of Time, they go to the Market, where Fritz is employed, and Fritz thanks him again. Elaine is present too and expresses her regard.

Fritz reveals that when he traveled to Choras and visited the Inn, a band of Guardia Soldiers captured him, thinking he was one of the many thieves to plague the area. They attempted to execute him with little proof. He then awards Crono with 10 Mid-Ethers. He also tells Crono not to tell his father about the free Mid-Ethers or his incarceration. Fritz's father enters, scolding him and his wife for slacking off. They rush into the backroom and the father approaches the counter and thanks the party for rescuing his son, proving, after all, that parents do, indeed, have eyes in the back of their heads.

If the player chooses to save Fritz, a note appears in the Sewers complaining about being attacked by fishman. The note is not present if Fritz isn’t saved by the player, implying the note is written by a descendant of Fritz.

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