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Official artwork of Frog by Akira Toriyama.

Time Era 600 AD
Home Area Porre / Cursed Woods
Age 40
Weapon Type Broadsword
Magical Element Water
Gender Male
Friends / Colleagues Cyrus
Queen Leene
King Guardia XXI
Crono's Mother
King Guardia XXXIII

Frog (カエル Kaeru?) is a knight from the Middle Ages in Chrono Trigger. His real name was Glenn (グレン Guren?). He was presumably a squire under Cyrus, a knight in service of Guardia's royal family. Following Cyrus's death at the hands of Magus, Glenn was transformed into an anthropomorphic frog.

"I am no pet, I am an accomplished swordsman, green as I may appear. "
— Frog

Frog is met by the party in his native era of 600 AD, and will become a temporary party member when first encountered. Once this quest ends, he will not appear until later on in a few chapters later, making him the fourth officially recruited party member.

Physical Appearance

Frog, fully-armed.

In his cursed form, Frog only stands around four to five feet tall. However, he is immensely strong, since he is able to wield his sword, the Masamune, with ease. His amphibian physiology allows him to jump very high and move very swiftly by utilizing his frog-like anatomy. A few of his Techs involve the use of his long, sticky frog tongue to grapple enemies, as well as heal his allies. Although transformed into an animal-like creature, Frog continues to wear human clothes. His attire consists of a sage green cape, a golden breastplate, white britches, blue boots, gloves, and a belt fitted with a scabbard.

In his in-game human form, Glenn appears as a tall young man with long green hair. However, in the animated ending cutscene, Glenn appears with short, spiked hair. In both versions, Glenn maintains the same outfit he wore as a frog. When presented with his human form, Lucca remarks that he is incredibly handsome and becomes infatuated with him.


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