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Funguy (キノコ Kinoko?), in Chrono Cross, is Lisa's father, who avidly collects mushrooms and helps oversee their Elements shop in Termina. His body has been mutated by a rare form of mushroom giving him the appearance of a mushroom man in Home World.

"Well, I guess it's time for me to head back to the forest. You know, I really don't mind the way I look anymore. So don't worry about it. Well, good-bye!"
— Funguy


His travels often took him to Shadow Forest, where he used a small cave beneath a waterfall to prepare his fungi. After Serge rescued Riddel from Porre at Viper Manor, he came into possession of a special Mushroom from the Guardia region; Funguy inspected it and ate it at once, savouring its rich taste. The mushroom mutated his body, giving him some abilities and properties that normally belong to fungi. He forcefully joined Serge's party with the intent of using the Frozen Flame to change himself back to normal. During their travels in Another World's Termina, Funguy was upset to see his dimensional counterpart who remains in his human form and had fallen ill, being taken care of by his daughter Lisa. After the Terra Tower rises Funguy decided never again eat spores upon encountering them in Shadow Forest. The spores were revealed to be alive and Funguy learned that they were his offspring from his spores where he then learns his "Myconoids" technique.

How to Recruit[]

Obtain a special mushroom by

1) Covering the hole in the sewers under Viper Manor (Home World) then catch the bug which is to the bottom right of the screen (next to a rock, immobile).

2) In the Shadow Forest cave, fight the Wraith near the hole and save the boy if you didn't close the hole.

Then give the mushroom to the man under the waterfall in Shadow Forest in Home World.


  • High HP
  • Good Strength


  • Low Magic Power
  • Low Magic Defence
  • Small Element Grid

Tech Skills[]

  • LumberJack - 3 Stars
  • SporeCloud - 15 Stars
  • Myconoids - After Terra Tower rises, go back to where Funguy was transformed in Shadow Forest with him in your party and attempt to eat the small mushrooms there.


  • His Japanese name literally spells out "mushroom" (kinoko) but he is referred to as "Mash".
  • Funguy's name is a pun of the word Fungi, which appears to be part of his Demi-human physiology and guy, referring to his gender. This is a play on words of Fun Guy.


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