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The Giant Gloop is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. Found in Fort Dragonia, Giant Gloop blocks the Blue Crystal needed to advance in the Fort and upon defeating it, Serge may deactivate the crystal.

Battle and Strategy[]

Excessively difficult to survive if more than one Red Innate accompanies Serge in the battle, it can still be won with proper tactic and patience. It is advised that the player exit the area with the rotating bridges and save game progress in the room with the Record of Fate so as to avoid the frustration associated with losing the battle and having to backtrack.

Using opposite color innate characters provides the typical benefit/vulnerability. This enemy's elements and tech are consistently magic based, so using elements like Imbecile on the enemy, and StrongMinded on allies can be beneficial. Alternatively, having no Red innates provides a neutrality. Above all, the Giant Gloop has high resistances, so using Magic-based Elements is crucial.

Red & Blue innate strategy[]

It is recommended to bring along at least one Red Innate, to counteract the Giant Gloop, and one Blue Innate to serve as a tank, preferably having this Blue character outfitted with several healing Elements such as RecoverAll, HealAll, or the consumables Capsule and Nostrum. It is also advised that this character have Revive allocated to resurrect any knocked out Red Innates that may tag along for the fight. Red Innates can be useful for dealing damage, but are strongly susceptible to the Giant Gloop's attacks.

Avoid using Red Tech such as RedPin and Clothesline, since they are physical and Giant Gloop has high physical Defense, rendering it almost immune to all physical attacks. Keep Hit Points relatively above 200HP and try to maintain use of magic Red Elements. Try to refrain from casting Blue Elements as it increases the likelihood that the Field Effect will switch entirely to Blue, which gives Giant Gloop's Elements a boost.


Gooey Goo - A multi-target attack with a low hit-rate that reduces evasion.

Take In - A single target attack

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