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"You have no right to say such a thing! I am my own person! I will choose my own destiny with my own strength..."
— Glenn

Glenn (グレン Guren?) is a powerful member of the Acacia Dragoons, the younger brother of Dario and the future heir to the Einlanzer sword in Chrono Cross.



Glenn is of average height and build, with sun-kissed tan skin and messy, dirty-blonde hair that is tied up with a long white ribbon. He has strong blue eyes and an X shaped scar on the left side of this chin. On top of chain mail he wears bronze armor painted with a jagged white and crimson motif that has a tiny green jewel adornment and black pants. He wears his scabbard at the front of his person, and a small silver-colored buckler on his left forearm with dark brown leather shoes and gloves.

During flashbacks where Glenn is a child, he still wears a white ribbon around head and has a brown, short sleeved tunic with pale gold trim, black pants, brown shoes with beige colored leg wraps similar to his brother Dario, and red bracelets.


As a child, Glenn was a happy and diligent person when he was trained by his older brother Dario, of whom he was very close to, in the art of swordsmanship. He also befriended Dario's friends Karsh and Riddel.

At the time of his older brother's death, Glenn overcame his grief to be a courageous, determined and brave swordsman as he joins up in Serge's party. He often visits Dario's grave with Riddel. Unlike Karsh and the other Devas, Glenn is the one who stayed behind and having suspicions about General Viper's plan due to his alliance with Lynx and resolves to find out the truth while risking his job as a Dragoon. Karsh later questions Glenn about why he was sided with Serge and his party before he fought them with Zoah and Marcy.

When Glenn meets his older brother's dimensional counterpart at the Forbidden Island in Home World, at first he was overjoyed to see him alive and like Riddel, he does not want to hurt him, however Dario was possessed by the Masamune. Once Dario was freed from Masamune's possession, Glenn proudly tells him what he had accomplished as both a swordsman and a member of the Acacia Dragoons which indicates that Glenn finally surpasses both Dario and Karsh in both combat and swordsmanship.


He was born to Garai in 1000 AD and raised in a log cabin with Dario next to Zappa's Smithy. During his youth, he made friends with the Acacia Dragoon gang, including Karsh and Riddel. He was known by his older compatriots for being hotheaded at times and loving Viper Churros with a passion. Others recognized that he would be forced to grow up in the shadow of his brother as he frequently trained to match Dario's strength, and participated in the Viper Tournament of Swords.

One year, he placed third to Karsh's second and Dario's first in the Tournament. As he grew into an adolescent, Glenn continued to dream of becoming a strong Dragoon, despite Dario's death in 1017 A.D.. Riddel and Glenn often accompanied one another on trips to venerate Dario at his grave in Termina. By 1020 A.D. Glenn had become a formidable member of the junior Acacia Dragoon ranks. After Lynx befriended General Viper, he became wary of the visiting dignitary and began to suspect a plot. When Viper and the others retreated to Fort Dragonia, he stayed behind where Serge found him in Termina and convinced him to join his own voyage to the fort (alternatively, if Serge decided to find the Hydra Humour himself, Glenn went to the fort on his own accord). After the Dragon Tear shattered, Glenn returned to his former home in Termina (much to the occupying Porre soldiers' chagrin). He eventually re-joined Serge's party, wielding the holy Einlanzer.

He soon meets Dario at the Forbidden Island in Home World (if he was in a party along with Riddel) and was overjoyed to see him alive however, Glenn was forced to battle his older brother who was now possessed by the Masamune and was unable to kill him. After Dario was freed from the Masamune's possession he visited the ruins of the Viper Manor, Glenn proudly informs Dario of what he had accomplished. While in Termina of Another World, he felt an impulse from the Einlanzer at Dario's grave there and took it up to wield both at once.

After defeating the Time Devourer, Glenn decided to follow his older brother's footsteps to become a great dragoon and finally said goodbye to Serge, promising to see each other next time.



When given the choice to help Kid at the beginning of the game, choose not to help her. When Macha takes Serge into Termina for a brief amount of time, go to the entrance near the inn where you first met Glenn. You will see him have a conversation with the flower lady at the entrance once more. Return to the boat where Macha is and Glenn will hop down from a ledge and request if he can join you.

Tech Skills



  • Strongest Green innate character if he has both Einlanzer swords equipped
  • Learns Double Tech X-Strike (w/ Serge)
  • High Hp
  • High Strength
  • Very High Accuracy
  • Good Defence


  • Medium Element Grid


  • Glenn's name and Double Tech with Serge is a reference to Frog from Chrono Trigger, as Glenn was his real name before he was turned into a Frog, and X-Slash was the name of the Double Tech Frog and Crono used.



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