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Gogh is the father of Van, and his nature radically differs across the dimensions in Chrono Cross.


In the Home World dimension, he is a struggling artist who did not cave in to his artistic and creative desires early on, instead working to achieve excellence and scrapping together a living with only bare essentials. He even created his own style of paint, El Nido Blue, which supposedly imparted the scent of the sea when used. His artful career caused him to regret not being able to give Van a comfortable life; his son became penny-wise as a result. Nonetheless, Gogh was in touch with the important things in life, such as the love given to him by his wife and the poignancy of her death.


Gogh's Portrait

In Another World, Gogh's life progressed differently: instead of paint, he decided he should become a wealthy trader in order to impart an easy life for his son. He bought all manners of artful items for his son to use, though he was often away on business trips which estranged their relationship, more-so from his constant craving for money that made him out of touch with his son and former wife. The maid at his estate reveals that when Gogh's wife fell ill, he struggled to sell his paintings for medicine which illuminates why he pressures Van to view painting as an avocation and to study accounting more thoroughly. The maid also reveals that Gogh collects paintings to compensate for his lost aspirations of being a painter. He worried constantly about his finances, and sought to curry favour with higher powers, even dealing with Lynx at one point. Regardless, Van from Home World showed him the sea shell his wife once gave him which seemed to plant a seed of feeling within the man.

Name Origin[]

Together Gogh's name and his son's name spell Van Gogh, the name of a famous dutch painter.

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