Golden Stud
Gold Stud
Equipment Type Accessory
Description An earring that grants great intellect.
Effect Cuts MP costs by 75%.
Charmable Fiends Flyclops (Black Omen)
Treasure Chests Trann Dome (Sealed Door)

Golden Stud (ゴールドピアス , Gold Pierce?) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. It lowers MP usage by 75%, arguably one of the best accessories in the game as it allows the wearer to use high level skills for very little MP. It is recommended for Crono, Lucca or Magus because they each have third-tier magical techs which consume large amounts of MP.

Name OriginEdit

Stud is another term for earring. Although it pierces the flesh and is known to cause infection or harm in rare cases, this item probably boosts vitae due to the youthful vigor attributed to those who wear piercings. Gold is a mineral often used in the making of earrings and is very valuable, showing that this accessory is stronger than the Silver Stud.