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"Wherever there is light, there is also shadow... So it is the light that gives birth to shadow! Ghetz, I now understand, amigo...! But is it too late...?"
— Greco

Greco (ジルベルト Jiruberuto?, for Gilbert) is a stocky, stoic wrestler from the Zenan Mainland who, after a rough history on the continent, moved to El Nido to atone in Chrono Cross.



Greco is a thickly built heavy-weight man who is covered head-to-toe, notwithstanding the holes in his wrestler mask (similar to a lucha libre mask) mask for his eyes, nose and mouth. Peaking out underneath the back of his mask is several shoulder-length wisps of white hair, his outfit and mask has a muted emerald green and rusty red colour palette with a bright orange trim, and small features of blue gems on his forehead, belt, and a necklace. He accessorizes with a black belt, thick metal bracelets, and leather boots tipped with metal.



Though his origins are unclear, Greco became a wrestler at one point to, as he quoted, fulfill an "appetite for destruction." This dark period was alleviated only through the sacrifice of a man named Ghetz, who gave his life to wake up Greco; Ghetz may have been an rival in one of his matches. Greco was mortified and despondent over Ghetz's death and to make up for it, he took Romana, Ghetz's sister, under his wing and moved to Termina. There, he continued to maintain his physical strength, though he no longer fought - opting instead to take care of the cemetery. Greco felt that he had to hide from the world to deal with his grievances and sins. While in Termina, he performed funeral services for individuals and families, and also developed a reputation as a psychic. While he lived with Romana, their relationship was direct and stolid; Romana often believed he thought of her as a nuisance.

In 1020 A.D. Greco was summoned to deal with Skelly's howling at Fossil Valley where the Acacia Dragoons there dismissed him as a sham. This angered Greco considerably and he returned to Termina to perform a service for the family of a deceased child. Serge encountered Greco at this point, and the wrestler was immediately able to discern Serge's unique nature - that he was "dead" in this world. Greco offered his services to Serge to protect him from darkness and Serge agreed to let him join the party. While on their travels, Greco came to Termina in Home World and consulted with the grave officiator there. The old woman told him that a spirit was drawing near where Greco visited to find Ghetz's spirit. Though Greco began to elaborate on the past incident that resulted in Ghetz's death, Ghetz comforted him and let him know that he was happy Romana was taken care of. Ghetz then provided Greco with his ultimate wrestling technique: GraveDigger and faded into the shadows, noting that in time, Greco's sorrows would fade. Greco promised to continue carrying out Ghetz's will and departed to accompany Serge in the fight against the Time Devourer.

Following the defeat of the Time Devourer, Greco was relieved to feel unburdened and calmly said goodbye to Serge..



After finishing Viper Manor for the first time, visit Greco's house in the shrine of Termina (Another World).

Tech Skills[]

  • Clothesline - 3 Stars
  • Flip-flop - 19 Stars
  • GraveDigger - Take Greco to speak with the cemetery caretaker in Termina (Home World).



  • High HP & Strength
  • Highest Defence (along with Macha and Grobyc)


  • Low Magic Power
  • Small Element Grid



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