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Grismeld is a character in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Unlike other Goblins, Grismeld is refined and cultured. He enjoys reading novels and his favorite tea is "Himalayan Chimpanzee". As Commander, he directs the Goblin guards that protect Viper Manor from outside incursion, although he himself is generally docile and non-combative.

"Your reputation precedes you. You are quite a radical young lady. Nevertheless, it's a shame... I wanted to see how that novel ended up."
— Grismeld to Kid.


Rotund and bulky like other Goblins, Grismeld is green-skinned and wears a suit of armor. His hair is well-groomed and he wears glasses. He smiles frequently and chuckles with eloquence.


Arriving in the Armory in search of a key for the Catacombs, Serge encounters Grismeld sitting at a table, reading a book. He does not spring out and attacks the party, instead, he smiles kindly and invites them to sit down for tea. Gil is first to oblige and it is quickly revealed that the two are well-acquainted. He offers the group cups of tea, to which Gil readily accepts and Kid utterly refuses, as she is suspicious of this Goblin's intentions. Serge has the option of drinking the tea, which restores his health, despite his fear that it might be poisoned. Refusing the tea insults Grismeld.

Grismeld agrees to provide them with the key to the Catacombs on two terms. First, Serge must tell an engaging story, as Grismeld loves stories and books. Second, he must agree to avenge Lynx. Grismeld has a bitter hatred, yet hopelessly faithful loyalty to the owner of Viper Manor. His hatred stems from Lynx murdering Riddel's father, General Viper. Prior to the events of Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki, Grismeld and Riddel were in love. Lynx's interception of the Manor forced the lovebirds apart and Grismeld laments the event. After usurping the Manor, Lynx transforms Grismeld into a Goblin, strongly hinting that he is Dario from Chrono Cross.

Should Serge choose to tell Grismeld the story of Kid and the Sunflower, Grismeld presents the key to the Catacombs.

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