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"Complete-destruction. You-say-it-is-Grobyc's for-the-taking? But-what-is-left-once you-use-it?"
— Grobyc

Grobyc (ギャダラン Gyadaran?) is a character in Chrono Cross. He is a bionic organism constructed in 994 A.D. at the military laboratories of Porre by Luccia's brother.



Grobyc has a thin yet muscular build, with blue skin, and a cybernetic arm starting at his left shoulder. He has long, stiff blonde hair, wears a red bandana covering the lower half of his face tightly that extends past his neck, blue earrings and has a darker blue symbol on his forehead. Along with blue gloves, he wears an arm-less black-blue bodysuit that expands past his waist where large leather belts sit overlapping.



While originally intended for other, perhaps more scientific purposes, Grobyc came to be outfitted for killing and warfare by the Porre overseers. Specifically Porre excavations near ancient ruins found an old, incomplete super weapon called the StrongArm where high command then commissioned Luccia's brother to repair it for use on Grobyc. Norris, the astute commander of the elite Black Wind, foresaw the danger of unleashing Grobyc upon the outside world with this weapon, and orchestrated a sabotage of the laboratory that resulted in its explosion. Luccia's brother sacrificed his life to save Grobyc which set back his activation until 1020 A.D. and destroyed the StrongArm weapon. Three years later Grobyc was released, his first assignment being a security detail at Viper Manor in El Nido. While Grobyc was programmed to follow orders, he retained his own sentience and acted in his own self-interest only - unless the commanding party proved stronger than himself. This stipulation allowed the Porre military to control him during the occupation of El Nido until Serge confronted the interrogators.

Serge and party overpowered Grobyc and almost defeated Guillot, changing Grobyc's allegiance to take orders from Serge's party and he thereafter helped them escape from the death machine and inevitably joined the party. When not traveling with the group, he stays in Luccia's lab at the manor, as it puts him at ease. Grobyc began questioning his purpose, noting that he was designed only for the elimination and destruction of other beings. During his travels in Chronopolis a coffin-like chest contained a powerful arm weapon known as StrongArm, which Grobyc recognizes belonging to the Porre military, and decides to use it towards Serge and party's ambitions.

After the Time Devourer was defeated, Grobyc endeavored to find new things to do in life.



Grobyc joins your party after he battles you during your attempt to rescue Riddel from Viper Manor.

Tech Skills[]



  • Very High HP
  • High Power
  • High Physical Defense
  • Learns Double Tech


  • Low Magic Power
  • Low Magic Defense
  • Few Element Slots



Grobyc is cyborg backwards.

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