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Heavy Skull
Heavy Skull.jpg
Description A Human skull painted with clown's make-up. It says it is searching for its body and lost memories.

The Heavy Skull is an item in Chrono Cross and is the first obtainable piece of Skelly. This piece serves as the actual skull of the being recreated several old bones. In conjunction with this item, Angry Scapula, Good Backbone, Mixed Bones, Sturdy Ribs, and the Pelvic Bone are needed to reconstruct Skelly.


  • Found at: Fossil Valley (Another World).
  • Use: Collect all six of the skeletal parts and take them to Skelly's Grandmother in Termina (Another World). Skelly will be reassembled.
  • Acquired: When the party first enters Fossil Valley, speak with one of the guards, then proceed up the northern path. Then, speak with the lone guard and answer "yes" when he asks if the players are the exorcists that they had sent for. Proceed to the large dragon skull, then a little human skull will pop out. The skull then says he's been waiting for someone to discover him, and will ask to be recruited into the party. If the player chooses "yes" they will receive Heavy Skull.