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Hero's Badge (ゆうしゃバッジ , Hero Badge?) (also known as Hero Medal in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. It signifies that its bearer is the destined wielder of the Masamune. Only Frog can equip this item. It raises the critical hit rate of the Masamune's wielder from 23% to 50%.


Queen Leene sent Cyrus and Frog to search for the Masamune and Hero's Badge in the year 590 A.D. to aid in the battle against the Mystics. Battling through Guardia Forest and several Naga, the knight and his squire located this medallion in the possession of Frog King. Cyrus obliterates the Frog King with a Nirvana Strike and obtains the legendary artifact. The amphibian declares he will return for the medal, though he never does. Wielding the medal, Cyrus and Frog travel to Denadoro Mountains in search of its counterpart, the Masamune. Atop the summit, they encounter Magus and Ozzie, who are also searching for the sword. Cyrus is smited down easily by the mage's dark magic. Frog, still a human by this point and petrified by fear, attempts to flee. Magus then strikes him down. He falls down the mountain chasm and transforms into a frog. The Hero Badge also tumbled down the chasm with him, and he takes it but does not see himself as worthy of wearing it. He later loses it while drowning his sorrows at an Inn, where Tata finds it. After considering selling it, the would-be child hero instead pins it to his tunic and parades Porre, claiming to be the prophesied savior of Guardia, since he always wanted to be a knight. Tata is presented to King Guardia XXI and his lovely Queen; he is sent to retrieve the Masamune at their request. The denizens of Denadoro Mountain prove too difficult for Tata to battle and he abandons the quest. Crono meets Tata in a tavern in Porre, where Tata confesses he is a charlatan and relinquishes the medal to Crono. He then returns home. After retrieving the Broken Blade from Masa & Mune, it and the Hero Badge are presented to Frog who reminisces on his cowardice the night he transformed into a frog. He begs the party to stay the night, after which, they discover the Broken Hilt hidden in a jar in his home. Crono and company travel to Prehistory to repair the blade and return to provide Frog with the lost relics. With them, Frog opens a secret passage in Magic Cave and joins the party in their assault against the Fiendlord.

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