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The Hi Ho Tank is an enemy appearing in Chrono Cross. The construction of the Hi Ho Tank was overseen by the Dwarf Chieftain, who implemented the warfare vehicle on Water Dragon Isle during the raid that killed Rosetta, Razzly's sister. Serge destroyed the tank, attempting to prevent further destruction.

The front part of Hi Ho Tank features the face of a Dwarf, namely their iconic nose and helmet.

Battle Strategy[]

After defeating several Dwarves at Water Dragon Isle and following them to the bottom of the cave there, the Dwarf Chieftan hops into this gigantic tank and battles the party again. On each side of the Tank sits a Dwarf. Take these out as soon as possible to prevent them from casting Hi-HoChorus. Once they disappear from the battle field, focus on the Tank. Approximately every three turns, Hi Ho Tank unleashes a tech called ElementShot, which is extremely lethal and unavoidable. Keep party members' Hit Points extremely high and heal frequently after this tech is performed. Also, ensure that at least two character purchased and equipped HealAll or RecoverAll from the merchants in Guldove and Marbule. This will assist in keeping Hit Point levels at a decent level. Since Hi Ho Tank is an Innate Yellow, it is wise to cast Green Elements such as Bushbasher and AeroSaucer, which are easy to come by. Before doing so, however, try casting a Magic Buff, such as Genius, on the caster of the Green Element to ensure maximum damage efficiency. If possible, cast Genius, then cast two green elements, by the time the Field Effect is completely Green, Genius should still be in effect. Additionally, cast EagleEye on heavy-hitters such as Serge, Glenn, or Greco, or use it to boost the hit rate of characters like Luccia. After EagleEye is cast, repeatedly use level 3 physical attacks until 1 stamina remains, then cast the players highest level elements. Keep one character constantly at 5 to cast HealAll or RecoverAll whenever necessary.

Hi Ho Tank has normal physical attacks, which mow down a single target. Although fairly weak, these hits can build up. Once defeated, the Dwarf Chieftan shoots up into the air, smacks the camera, and falls back down again. If the player desires to acquire Razzly's seventh-level tech, Raz-Flower, she absolutely must be present for this battle. As a Green Innate, she would be incredibly useful here as is. After the Hi Ho Tank lays in ruins, the body of Rosetta is discovered. If Razzly is present, she will die. If not, she survives.

Name Origin[]

In the Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Dwarven miners sing a song called "Hi-Ho" as a symbol of their camaraderie and eagerness to mine.

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