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CC HolyLight.png
Riddel using Holy Light.
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 5±3
Target All Enemies
User Any
Trappable Yes
Description Casts a holy circle (annihilates undead). Inflicts Fatigued.

HolyLight (ホーリー Hōrī) is a 5th-level White Element in Chrono Cross. Any character may use this element, inflicting both damage and the Status Effect, Fatigue, on the intended target. Instantly kills undead monsters.


A magic circle filled with rune patterns will first form on the ground surrounding all foes. This is quickly followed by several chains of glowing runes rising up, bathing the foes with a holy light. The ensuing light will then gather in a small orb towards the middle of the field before abruptly vanishing. A white mist, along with faint sparkles, appears to hover around the field shortly before dissipating.  All enemies receive heavy Holy damage.

How to Obtain[]

Purchase and Chests[]

This element can be obtained from a chest in the Dead Sea.

Steals and Drops[]

This element can be rarely stolen from Aero Guards, or stolen commonly from the Time Devourer.


This element can be trapped when battling against Miguel (he cast only once), Cupoid, Luxator, Sun of a Gun (Blank face mode), and the Time Devourer.


  • Interestingly, using this element against DeadHead at S.S Invincible boss fight, it's immune although this monster is undead type. (Tested in New Game+)

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