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Home World is a special dimension that branched off from Another World after Kid saved Serge from being drowned by Lynx in the year 1010 A.D. FATE's influence on the world, aside from the actions of Lynx, was cut off from this world as the Records of FATE no longer operated. Additionally, in the future, the world suffered destruction at the hands of Lavos, a reversal of Crono's original quest to thwart the alien parasite. This caused the Sea of Eden to become the Dead Sea, a frozen state of the destroyed world with the Home World equivalent of the Frozen Flame sitting at the center, guarded by Miguel on orders from FATE.

Key Differences From Another World

  • The Records of FATE no longer operate, leading to undesirable deviations from FATE's plan.
  • The Acacia Dragoons are dead, having been led to the Dead Sea and frozen by Lynx.