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Hypnowave (also known as Hypno Wave in the SNES/PS version) is the second Tech learned by Lucca in Chrono Trigger. It inflicts Sleep on all enemies.

Hypnowave is her first non-offensive and Status Effect-inflicting tech; it is also one of the only non-damaging techs to be included in a Triple Tech move, which is Poyozo Dance. Her only other non-offensive tech is Protect.


With what appears to be a conductor's wand or some other mechanical invention, Lucca faces the screen and taps her feet a few times. Several green rings radiate from her, attempting to put the targets to sleep.


If Hypnowave is successfully performed, it lulls multiple enemies to sleep. A major downfall of Hypnowave is that many enemies are immune to sleep; robots, for instance. This tech is most useful against the Mother Brain's Displays in Geno Dome. These Displays, when active, will heal Mother Brain. If defeated, Mother Brain unleashes fierce magical attacks similar to Flare. The best alternative is to place them under hypnosis using Lucca's Hypnowaves, which, oddly enough, with the Displays, seems to have a higher hit rate than with most other enemies.


The prefix Hypno- is shorthand for hypnosis, which means to be placed into a dream-like trance, or state. Wave describes a method of movement with descending and cresting motions, which coincidences with the animation of Lucca's Hypnowave. Also, Wave is commonly attached to the word sound to create sound wave, the mode of traveling sound. The music heard when this tech is performed mimics an electrical pulse and is very soft and seemingly comforting.


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