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Ice is the third Tech learned by Marle in Chrono Trigger. It is also her first magic, and an enemy skill. Marle learns this upon meeting Spekkio. Deals Water damage to a single enemy.


Marle holds her hands together and what looks like four pointy ice crystals circle in front of her. Then she holds her arms in front of her and a blue fire starts going towards the enemy, which the same crystals popping out of it as it goes. Upon hitting the enemy, a huge, blue-ish yet semi-transparent, ice chunk appears in front of the enemy, who is hit.

Enemy Tech[]

Identical in animation and damage to Frog's technique, the enemy tech is first encountered when fighting the Spekkio at the End of Time, in his Edible Frog form. Secondly, this enemy tech is encountered in Zeal Palace, when fighting Dalton's Golem. Spekkio's later forms also use this tech, though less frequently than it's stronger version, Ice II.

Characters with innate Water-elements, such as Marle and Frog, receive half damage when Water is cast on them. Alternatively, wearing Blue Plates or Blue Vests will convert potential damage done by this tech into Hit Points.


  • The reason why Ice and Water share the same element is because Ice is actually Water in a solid state, which in the Final Fantasy series, Ice and Water are separate magical elements despite being water in different states.


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