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Ice Sword II
Ice Sword II.jpg
SNES/PS Name Ice Sword 2
MP Costs 12/8
Element Type Water
Crono Reqs Frenzy
Marle Reqs Ice II
Target One enemy
Description Hit all foes in a circle with a spellblade.

Ice Sword II (also known as Ice Sword 2 in the SNES/PS version) is a Tech used by Crono and Marle.

In the move, Marle slowly floats up into the air, preparing an ice spell. Meanwhile, Crono readies his Cleave technique. Crono then leaps into the air and Marle sends her magic to Crono's blade as he comes down on the target, encasing it in a large ice crystal, immediately after, chrono uses his frenzy technique, cutting the ice crystal into four slices that slide horizontally.

The target then receives a large amount of Water damage.