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Irenes (イレーネス Irēnesu?) is a mermaid Demi-human in Chrono Cross whose sister is Zelbess, the mermaid who married Fargo.

"It ist instinct tö despise ötter species. And ä necessity to preserve öne's öwn kind. Yoü säy it ist ä fäct öf life... Büt I t'ink nöt!"
— Irenes



Irenes is a woman demi-human of an average mermaid build. She has heavily styled blue hair adorned with a large golden crown with a red jewel and strings of pearls, yellow eyes and long "ears" that resemble pectoral fins that have pearl earrings. She wears a golden mantle piece on her shoulders, and a gold waist/hip plate that holds a deep purple jewel, and pearl bracelets. Being a mermaid, she has skin and scales of various shades of blue, webbed fingers, and is able to stand on her tail fin to walk and stand.


A staunch supporter of the establishment of Marbule, she lamented the exodus of the Demi-humans to the S.S. Zelbess, and long tried to convince Fargo to allow the Song of Marbule to be played. She often criticized Fargo and reprimanded him in person, accusing him of only remembering what he pleased and choosing to forget Zelbess's dream of humans and Demi-humans living together. The plight of Marbule took a toll on her, leaving her crying at night in the empty settlement. Nonetheless, she never relented in her effort to have the town restored. Her dream came true after meeting Serge who was able to convince the Sage of Marbule to teach Nikki the Song of Marbule. Irenes next struggle was to find someone who could snap Fargo into taking the S.S Zelbess to Marbule, where the song would be played.

She accompanied Serge on his journeys, feeling obligated for involving him in her endeavour. Eventually her dream was realized when Fargo from Another World personally drove the ship to Marbule. Irenes excitedly watched the town rebuild and forgave Fargo as he came to grips with reality.



Speak to Toma in Marbule (Home World) and then spend the night. After defeating the sage on the S.S. Zelbess Irenes will join the party in Nikki's dressing room.


  • High Magic Power
  • Large Element Grid


  • Low HP & Physical Defence

Tech Skills[]


  • Irenes' name is likely a variation on the common female name "Irene", which comes from the Greek word eirēnē (peace). This is fitting with her goal of restoring peace between humans and Demi-humans.
  • Irenes is also an anagram of "sirene", which is French for "mermaid" and can also refer to sirens. Sirens are mythological creatures known for their singing and are associated with mermaids.


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