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Official artwork of Johnny by Akira Toriyama.

Time Era Future
Home Area Site 32
Age Same age as Robo

Johnny (ジョニー "Jonī"?) is a character that appears in Chrono Trigger and briefly in Chrono Cross. He appears to be a cyborg who can transform his body into a motorbike.

"You lowlifes can call me Johnny. I'm the leader of this pack"
— Johnny

Physical Appearance[]

Johnny has light tan skin and a black mohawk and wears black sunglasses. He wears purple pants and shoes that are made to look like tires, he also wears an orange vest over a pink shirt. His orange vest has metal poles sticking out on it when he transforms into his motorbike form these are the exhaust pipes. He also has tires sticking out of his back, these are his back tires when he becomes a motorbike. His shoes which look like tires are his front tires when he transforms into motorbike form. Johnny appears to have no visible mouth on his face or nose but he might speak through the metal stud on his chest which could act as a radio when he is in motorbike form.


Chrono Trigger[]

When Crono, Marle, and Lucca arrive at Site 32, they see a jetbike and try using it. At this, some Version 2.0 appear and are about to fight the party before being stopped by Johnny. The robots call him "Bro", although he says to the party that they can call him Johnny. He says that he is the leader of the robots they encountered and that the ruined highway ahead of them is the only road they can go on. He says that if they want to get through Site 32, then they will have to race against him. He says that he will let them use the Jetbike that is sitting nearby because "that's the kinda guy" he is. Once they beat him, they are free to exit Site 32. After this, he can be raced at any time, but only if Crono is at the party.

Chrono Cross[]

Johnny makes a short cameo appearance in Chrono Cross. His broken body can be seen along the roadside in the Dead Sea near the Highwayman.

Dimensional Adventure Numa Monjar[]


  • Johnny's tires say Badyear on them. This is a play on the Goodyear brand of tires.

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