The City of Magic
Time Period 12000 BC

Kajar is a location in Chrono Trigger. Also known as the City of Magic, it is a city in the Kingdom of Zeal during the Antiquity. It is here that mage scientists created a capsule to increase a person's magical ability.


Aside from traditional healing items, the Nu shopkeeper sells Lode Shields, if the customer is approved by Queen Zeal. Since the city is destroyed by then, the item is never sold to the player.

Item Cost
Tonic 10g
Mid Tonic 100g
Full Tonic 700g
Heal 10g
Revive 200g
Shelter 150g
Ether 800g

If Marle's Pendant is charged up by Mammon Machine, the Nu will sell more advanced items so long as the player admits that the pendant is not Schala's.

Item Cost
Vajra Sword 21000g
Heavy Hand 18000g
Smiter's Blade 22000g
Platinum Vest 8500g
Platinum Helm 6500g


  • Opening the Water, Wind, and Fire spellbooks in the correct opens a door behind a false bookcase. Beyond that bookbase is a Poyozo Doll with Black Rock inside, an item crucial to unlocking a Triple Tech.
  • Learning the scratch technique (Nu in Zeal Palace) and using it on the Nu in the backroom of Kajar will reward the player with a Magic Capsule.
  • A book in the one of the backrooms of Kajar refers to a "red stone". This either alludes to Dreamstone or Frozen Flame.

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