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Ketchop is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. He is only fought if Pierre is chosen as the guide into Viper Manor.

Characteristics & Description[]

Ketchop is a large, aggressive brute with a thin handlebar mustache. He seems to have very limited communication skills; the only two words he is shown saying are "tomato" and "sauce." He obeys the commands of the Shaker Brothers, though whether or not he is related to them is unknown.

Boss Battle and Strategy[]

Battling alongside Solt and Peppor, he charges into Serge at the very start of the boss battle and reduces his Hit Points to zero. Feeling bad for him, Solt uses the White Element, Revive, to restore him. Periodically throughout the battle, Ketchop will cast FlameKnock. This Tech allows him to pick up Solt by the head and use him as a bludgeoning weapon to strike at Peppor.

Name Origin[]

His name is a pun on the tomato-based dressing, "ketchup", in keeping with the running pun Solt and Peppor's names present.

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