Chrono Wiki
Career Mysterious Traveler
Age 16
Gender Female
Origin Unknown
World Another World
Height 5'5"
Weight 99 lbs
Build Slender
Laterality Ambidextrous
Weapon Dagger
Innate Element Red

Kid (キッド Kiddo?) is a swashbuckling, gritty thief with a penchant for radical action and serves as Chrono Cross main heroine. In the English version, she speaks with an Australian or British Cockney accent and includes many colloquialisms, such as "bugger" and "mate", from those dialects in her speech.

Physical Appearance[]

Kid has blue eyes and messy blonde hair that she wears in a sectioned ponytail. She wears a white top that reveals her midriff, a red micro miniskirt with yellow-gold hem featuring a belt, and a matching bolero. Brown boots and gloves adorn her hands and feet, along with bandages wrapping her ankles and mid-calves. Attached to her belt is a violet scabbard for her dagger, printed with the symbol of Venus. Around her neck sits a chain of purple beads, many speculate that this item is either a Zeal Pendant or the Astral Amulet, but this has not been confirmed. On her cheeks and forearms are white markings like war paint.

When Kid is poisoned by Lynx with the Hydra venom, she is bedridden and wears a long-sleeve patient gown and is barefoot. Her main clothes can be seen hanging in Doc's patient's room behind her bed.

How to Recruit[]

The first opportunity to recruit Kid is after the battle with Karsh, Solt and Peppor. If you agree to let her join your party, then Leena will not join at all. If you disagree, then the next time you will see Kid is when you first visit Termina. When you recruit Leena and bring her to Termina, Kid will get jealous and leave. Once you talk to the statue polisher, Kid will want to go to Viper Manor with you and she will join your party. Without Leena, Kid will automatically join your party once you meet her.

Kid leaves your party when she is poisoned by Lynx, but then joins your party after she is cured (in both scenarios).

Kid is permanently out of your party once Serge turns into Lynx. Once Serge is himself again, he enters Kid's past to save her from Lynx and Harle's destruction of the Radical Dreamers Headquarters. When Kid wakes up from her coma, she gladly joins your party one final time.


  • Learns Pilfer
  • Learns Double Triple Techs
  • High Accuracy
  • Large Element Slot


  • Unavailable for a large portion of the game

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