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King Guardia XXI
King GuardiaXXI.jpg
King Guardia XXI seen in the FMV of the PlayStation release.
Home Time Middle Ages
Home Area Guardia Castle
Family Queen Leene(wife)
King Guardia XXXIII (descendant)
Marle (descendant)
Doan (descendant)
Gender Male
Friends / Colleagues Chancellor
Master of Kitchens
Guardia Knights

King Guardia XXI is a minor character in Chrono Trigger. As the 21st King of Guardia during the Middle Ages, he and Queen Leene are distant ancestors of Marle. He does not play a large role in the story.



When Glenn and Cyrus were leaving Guardia Castle to retrieve the Hero's Badge from the Frog King, the King comments that he, Queen Leene, and the Kingdom have need of Cyrus and wish that he returns after his quest.

Later on, during the war between the humans and the fiends, the King had participated but was wounded and was brought back to the castle to heal. While injured, he was informed that Tata had appeared as a hero, which he was pleased to hear.

Eventually, the King recovers. Soon after, Crono's party arrives at the castle and asks that he safeguard the Rainbow Shell for future generations. The Queen asks that she respect this request, so he agrees and has the shell brought from the Giant's Claw to the castle and stored in their vaults as a royal heirloom.

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