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Kino (キーノ "Kīno"?) is a character in Chrono Trigger. He lives during the Prehistory alongside Ayla and seems to be very close to her.

"No! Ayla likes Kino BEST! No more do bad stuff, okay?! That wrong!"
— Ayla

Physical Appearance[]

Kino is a young man in his early 20s, he has blonde hair tied in a short ponytail with a half fringe. His clothes seem to be made of the same fabric as Ayla's, consisting of grey fur. He wears a sleeveless tunic that goes down to his upper legs and leaves his left shoulder and a part of his chest showing. It is held close by a belt made from the same fur as the tunic. He also has wristbands and ankle bands, made from the same fabric.


When Crono's party arrives in the Prehistory era, Ayla saves them from Reptites and brings them to Ioka. Later that night, they have a party. Crono and his friends first meet with Kino here, who questions why Ayla would have a party for someone who is not from Ioka. The next morning when the party awakes, the Gate Key has been stolen, the party goes and tell Ayla, who joins them to find out what happened. They visit the Forest Maze and encounter Kino, who tells them he took the party's key because he was jealous of the attention Ayla was giving Crono. Ayla slaps him for this and tells him that she likes Kino more, then tells Kino to apologize to Crono. As Ayla asks him to give the key back, Kino tells them the Reptites have stolen the Gate Key from him. Ayla tells him she will continue with Crono's party, and tells Kino to go back to Ioka and protect the village. After getting the key back from the Reptites, the party comes back to Ayla's hut, where Kino tells them he wants to be stronger than Crono.

After their fight with Magus,a large time Gate appears, and the party awakes in the Prehistory Era. They are met by Ayla, who tells them she found them atop Mystic Mountains. She also told them to get rest, as they were badly hurt. The next morning they are woken when Kino bursts into the hut and tells them that Ayla is busy trying to find the Laruba village, however they are interrupted by a villager who informs Kino that the Northern Woods were on fire, leading him to to investigate. When the party arrives to the forest, they find the ruins of Laruba and are told by the elder that Reptites have kidnapped Kino. Ayla and the party head to the Tyranno Lair to find and rescue Kino, who also wants to join them. Ayla tells the elder that if she dies, then he has to be the chief of Ioka. Upset by hearing this, Ayla assures the elder she is strong and she won't die. At the Tyranno Lair, after the party saves Kino, he opens a passage for the party by activating the mouth of the large skull that leads further deeper into the lair. He also tells the party they are strong and that he is weak and jealous and then leaves.

Later on, as the party has defeated Azala and Black Tyranno at the top of the lair, Lavos starts to enter the earth's atmosphere, heading towards the Lair. Kino suddenly appears along with Dactyls and saves the party. Ayla offers to help Azala, but she refuses any help, saying that Lavos is "the will of the earth". Ayla tells her she will not forget her, and Azala tells Ayla to take care of the earth. Kino and the party fly off on the Dactyls, meanwhile Lavos crashes into the Tyranno Lair, destroying it and leaving only a large crater.

When the party later defeats Lavos, he and Ayla appear at the Moonlight Parade. Marle tells him that he is her distant ancestor and that he better have strong, healthy children, to which he replies, "No worry. Ayla MUCH energy!" while Marle asks what he meant by that, while Ayla says, "Kino dumb! Ayla go now!" and pushes Kino into the time Gate, blows a kiss to Marle, Lucca, and Crono, and then enters the time Gate herself.

In the PlayStation, Nintendo DS and Steam versions of Chrono Trigger, a cutscene shows Ayla proposing to Kino, putting a ring seemingly made out of wood on his finger, and throwing another ring at Kino for him to put on her hand, showing that they got married after Ayla returned to the Prehistory after defeating Lavos.


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