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"I getCHA... I understand it now! All living things are really connected in their hearts! There's nothing to worry about."
— Korcha

Korcha (コルチャ , Korucha?) is a character in Chrono Cross. He is a ferryman from Guldove and is the son of Macha. As with the other citizens of Guldove, Korcha adds "CHA" to the ends of certain words. Interestingly, when he joins the party, the caption says "Korcha join-CHA party!"



Korcha is a thin young man with tan skin, red hair styled in a short messy mohawk, shortly braided in the back, brown eyes and blue war paint on his cheeks. He wears a small brown vest that he leaves open, revealing his upper body, a red high-waisted wrap on his lower body, bandages around his feet, ankles and shins and black gloves. Silver bands adorn his biceps and he wears a necklace or two around his neck.


Korcha is a brave and confident ferryman who knows about illegal merchandising in Termina. Korcha has a horrible temper when it comes to those who oppose his goodhearted nature and morals.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

Raised without a father, he developed a knack for making his own waves in life and started his own ferry company while causing trouble around Termina. He was shunned by the residents there for his roughness and crude behavior but his intentions were noble, as he wanted to see Demi-humans and Humans living in peace together. In 1020 A.D. while sailing near the Viper Manor Bluffs, he found Kid and the others who had jumped from Viper Manor's balcony after a confrontation with Lynx (if Guile was chosen to accompany Serge and Kid in their infiltration, then Korcha actually piloted them there). He took the wounded adventurers back to Guldove, where Kid was diagnosed with Hydra poison. Should Serge vow to look for the Hydra Humour, Korcha accompanies him to Termina and later formally joins the party on the condition that he be given the recovered Dragon Tear and Kid marry him after the quest ends. Kid gave him a little false hope to convince him to join. Shortly after Kid's recovery, his adopted sister Mel looted Kid's Elements and Korcha explained that he would take care to return the stolen items.

Alternatively, if Serge decided to leave the poisoned Kid without searching for the Humour, Korcha becomes indignant and refuses to lend his boat to Serge. Macha intervenes and loans them the boat on her own accord. Korcha remained furiously angry in his house ever since.

He stayed with Serge throughout his travels, eventually freeing the Termina mermaid by giving her words of encouragement. As thanks, she gave him his level seven technique, BigCatch. After defeating the Time Devourer, Korcha finally gives a friendly goodbye to Serge.



Korcha will join the party if Serge agrees to save Kid after she is poisoned.

Tech Skills[]


  • Balanced Stats


  • Small Element Grid
  • Low Magic Power



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