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Lara Ashtear (ララ・アシュティア Rara ashutia?) is Lucca's mother in Chrono Trigger. She is married to Taban and lives in their house, south of Truce, as a quiet invalid.

"What is this thing? Taban says to keep away from it, but it's so dusty. I'll just..."
— Lara


Chrono Trigger[]

In the year 981 AD., Lara would give birth to Lucca.

In the year 990 AD., Lara suffered a bad accident involving one of Taban's creations, her young daughter watching helplessly. This left her unable to walk and generally confined to their home. This incident convinces Lucca to acquire more technical and scientific knowledge, hoping to prevent any accidents that may happen to anyone in the future.

As such, Lara has changed over the past ten years into a quiet and withdrawn person, loving yet distant to her family.

In 990 A.D., Lucca used a red Gate to warp back in time, just before Lara lost her legs. Lucca then input the shut-down code - L, A, R, A (her name) - to turn the machine off just before the accident happened. This resulted in Present Lara never having suffered the loss of her legs.

In the altered timeline, Lara is no longer a quiet soul; she seems to enjoy life much more with her limbs restored. On the last day of the Millennial Fair, she wears her husband out by asking him to dance.

Chrono Cross[]

Although Lara is never mentioned in Chrono Cross, it can be assumed from Lucca that her full name is Lara Ashtear, as Lucca's last name has been confirmed to be Ashtear in various letters she wrote to Kid and in Lynx's/FATE's dialogue. It is possible both she and Taban were killed in the fire that Lynx set in Lucca's Orphanage. She may also have stayed outside of El Nido and never have been notified of Lucca's death, although her location at the time of the event is unknown.

Fiona's Forest sidequest[]

After the party completes Fiona's sidequest, they retrieve Robo and decide to camp in the forest near Fiona's Shrine. They then discuss sad memories and how one relives them before die. Though when prompted about it, Lucca claims she does not have any point in time she wants to return to, she secretly opens up a red Gate linking to moments before Lara looses her legs.

During the scene, which takes place in the Ashtear's house, the player witnesses Lara approaching one of Taban's machines. Her skirt gets stuck in the conveyor belt and a young Lucca tries to pull it out to no avail. Lara then cries for someone to help her whilst the conveyor belt slowly pulls her towards the machine. The player must then find the password that can deactivate the machine. A paper can be found on the table in the kitchen stating :

"The password is... The name of my lovely wife. Use it in an emergency" - Taban

Right next to the machine is an interface where the player can input a code. They must then press L, A, R and A in succession whilst the password prompt is on the screen to stop the machine.

  • If the player successfully manages to stop the machine in time, Lara's will be saved. Lara will be seen walking in 2000 A.D. and the ending will differ slightly.
  • If the player fails to stop the machine in time, Lara's legs will get crushed, resulting in nothing being changed.

Regardless of the outcome, Lucca will be gifted a GreenDream from Robo after the event.

This event cannot be repeated or undone after it has ended, so it is advised to save the game before recruiting Robo back.

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