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Last Village Commons
Time Period Antiquity
Notable Inhabitants Zeal Plant Woman
Enlightened Ones
Earthbound Ones
Chapter(s) Played In The Fated Hour

Last Village Commons (残された村の広場 Nokosareta Mura no Hiroba?, lit. "Left-behind Village Square") is a location in Chrono Trigger. Festooned with snowy trees, it resides in the forest northwest of the Last Village. The Earthbound Ones and Enlightened Ones who survived the Fall of Zeal commune here with the elders of the new village, shedding once and for all, the prejudice against those who use Magic and those who do not.

if Crono spoke with the Zeal Plant Woman at Zeal Palace, she is found in the Last Village Commons, alongside her Seed. Advising her to plant it which triggers The Sunken Desert sidequest.


After Schala transports Crono's friends safely from the pocket-dimension containing Lavos, the Ocean Palace sends a lethal ray of light up into Kingdom of Zeal, cutting the magical ties that kept them suspended the continents above the ocean and sending them down plummeting into the ocean waves. The massive Tsunami submerged most of the land below and destroyed the remaining Skyways and Land Bridges. On the sliver of island spared by the colossal wave resides the most remaining citizens of Kingdom of Zeal and Algetty. Even Janus' Cat, Alfador, survived the fall and inhabits the Commons. while the Sun Temple survives the rays of light and resides on an island off the coast.

Resting safely in a hut in Last Village, Crono's friends lament Crono's death and are eventually stirred awake, being asked to see the Elder in the Commons. Once there, they are informed that the Epoch has survived (it is parked behind the forest surrounding the enclosure). It is unknown to the Elder whether Schala or her mother, Queen Zeal survived. Meanwhile Dalton, at this point, enters the commons and threatens the party by throwing explosive projectiles at them which They later evade the projectiles, only to be struck with more, and were kidnapped, and imprisoned aboard the Blackbird, taken away of their weapons, armor, items, and gold. Re-obtaining their equipment, they battle the Golem and Dalton aboard the Epoch, which is now outfitted with wings, and destroy the Blackbird. They return to The Last Village and learn that the Prophet was seen at the North Cape.