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Lavos Spawn (プチラヴォス "Puchi Ravosu"?) is a boss in Chrono Trigger. It appears in Death Peak in 2300 AD. Attacking the shell will result in a counter-attack, though the shell actually can be defeated. If the shell is defeated, the face of Lavos Spawn will remain in combat, which is rather amusing. Defeating the head will automatically defeat the shell.

Lavos Spawn appeared all over Death Peak because of Lavos reproducing so that they could feed off the planet.

Additionally, one of the Lavos Spawn leaves its shell behind after its defeat and said shell can be moved around and climbed onto in order to advance higher up Death Peak.

In the Black Omen, you would fight an Elder Lavos Spawn on the later floors.


  • Killing the shell before the head is possible with very high-level characters. In that case, the head will be still alive and will continue the fight as usual, with only the tiny sprite for it appearing.

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