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Leah (リーア "Rīa"?) is an anachronistic girl found wandering Gaea's Navel by Serge and his party in the year 1020 A.D in Chrono Cross.

"Land angry!? We live is bad? We make land angry? But Leah not bad! Leah good Leah!"
— Leah



Leah is a young girl with long, curly blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a roughly made, animal-print, one-shoulder dress with a large blue gem necklace, and leather mittens and shoes with fluffy white trim.


Leah was born in a prehistoric village of hunters and warriors. When her father died during her infancy, her grandmother told her that he had gone to the sky. She came to El Nido after facing "land-anger" (presumably an earthquake) and found no other villages but learned that the Green Dragon resided there along with several other monsters. Not long after her arrival, Serge and his party flew in on a Wingapede and she mistook them for messengers from the sky, asking them if they knew her father. She then told them of the Green Dragon and noted that if one were to thrash the monsters around the island the Green Dragon would wake up. Serge followed her instructions and defeated the Dragon to receive the Green Relic where Leah joined his party, staying at Hermit's Hideaway when not fighting. Leah's ambition was to return home and find her father, later remarking that she would name her child "Ayla" when she got back.

In all probability, Leah most likely slipped into a strange Gate or temporal distortion in the years before 65,000,000 B.C. which took her to Gaea's Navel (which existed even before Chronopolis terraformed El Nido, providing her the ability to return and mother Ayla before El Nido was created).

After Chrono Cross, she presumably returned to her home time, but the mechanics and specifics of this are an enigma.



Leah will join the party when reaching Gaea's Navel.


  • Highest Strength
  • Highest HP
  • High Defence
  • Large Element Grid
  • Learns Double Tech


  • Low Magic Power
  • Extremely Low Magic Defence

Tech Skills[]

  • RockThrow - 3 Stars
  • TailSpin - 15 Stars
  • TripleKick - 35 Stars
  • DraggyRider (Dual Tech) - TripleKick & BigBreath (Draggy)


  • The veracity of her status as Ayla's mother is debatable, but it is possible that Mystic Mountains of prehistory was temporally active (Kino also strangely appeared there one day).
  • Leah's pendant is red in official art depicting a battle, but blue in the final game art. It is unknown if her pendant has any significance, or if the red pendant is intended to be Dreamstone.


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