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"But it is because we have such a petty and short life... that we all live life to the fullest, for all it's worth! No one, including you -- whoever you are -- has the right to take that away from us..."
— Leena

Leena (レナ Rena?), a friendly and cheerful girl from Arni, is the daughter of Miguel and sister of Una in Chrono Cross. She sports a strong will.



Leena has hazel eyes and long orange hair with two sections tied up with deep blue ribbons behind her ears and a black, tied headband with a red gem on top. She wears a dark blue-purple dress with a light brown overcoat and a black piece of fabric that has gold-coloured motifs of a sun and plant around her waist. On her feet she wears bright purple shin-length socks and brown thong flip-flops.


Leena is shown to mourn the death of Serge since her youth. Her dimensional counterpart (where Serge hadn't passed) contrasts this with a more serious yet caring nature.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

She was born and raised in Arni where she befriended a boy named Serge. The two were jovial and maintained a cheery lifestyle even though Leena's father, Miguel, disappeared while trying to take Serge to see a doctor in Marbule. Unfortunately, Serge died in 1010 A.D., devastating Leena and the rest of the villagers. Leena continued to live on her own, grieving the day of his death. In 1020 A.D. she met Serge face-to-face once more - the one from Home World. Serge had a tough time convincing Leena he was the real Serge and explaining his crossing the dimensions. Although Leena did not believe him at first and thought his speaking of her deceased friend was rude, she eventually came to feel as if she had known him for a long while and joined his party. She stuck with him throughout his entire quest.

While she never made any advances to Serge or expressed any true feelings or affections, a sort of understood affection was present. For instance, she asked Serge if the Leena from Home World had kissed him yet, and once admitted that she kinda liked the Serge when they were younger. She reluctantly parted ways with him after the Time Devourer was defeated, telling Serge that she will remember his late dimensional counterpart within her heart and wishes him well in the other world.

In the end of the game, Leena's Home World counterpart wakes Serge and reminds him of the Lizard Scales she asked him to get, seemingly confused about the entire ordeals of FATE and the happenings at Terra Tower.



Turn down Kid's invitation to join the party at Cape Howl (Another World) and Leena will join the next morning, along with Poshul if she wasn't recruited previously.

Tech Skills[]


  • Learns MaidenHeart Tech
  • Learns Triple Tech
  • Large Element Grid
  • High Magic Power


  • Low HP and Physical Defense
  • 2 of her Techs need one turn to gain any advantage



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