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Life Sparkle
Life Sparkle.jpg
Description A botanical energy that will give life to NeoFio - a man-made half-human, half-plant life form.

Life Sparkle is an item in Chrono Cross. It is the only energy source that can give life to one of Luccia's creations, NeoFio.


  • Found at: Hydra Marshes (Another World)
  • Use: Used on the Viper Manor's second floor balcony, the player will notice a flower sitting in the middle of the pond. Approach it and use the Life Sparkle. After using it, NeoFio, Luccia's creation, will come to life and ask to join the party.
  • Acquired: At the back of the Hydra Marshes. When the player enters the zone, they will notice two Goblins commenting about something, thereafter approaching the player. Defeat them and enter the middle of the lake. Open the chest to receive the Life Sparkle.