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LightLight (known as Lightning in the SNES/PS/PC versions of Chrono Trigger) is the type of magic used by Crono. It was originally known in the Japanese version of the game as Heaven ( Ten?), but this was changed to Lightning due to Nintendo of America's policy of not having religious-based concepts in their games. For the DS re-release of Chrono Trigger, it was more-accurately translated as Light. The Light element includes lightning-based attacks.


When meeting Spekkio for the first time, he will explain that there are four types of magic: Fire, Water, Light, and Shadow. Crono's party has magic in them, which allows Spekkio to grant them magic. Crono (Light), Marle (Ice), Lucca (Fire), Frog (Water), and Magus (Shadow) can all learn magic, while Robo and Ayla cannot, due to Robo not being a life form and Ayla existing before magic was created.

Light Techs[]

Single Techs[]


There are four Techs that Crono can learn that are Light-based.

Tech MP TP Target Description
Wind Slash (Slash) 2 90 Line of enemies Attack enemies in a line from Crono.
Lightning 2 N/A One enemy Attack an enemy with lightning.
Lightning II (Lightning 2) 8 500 All enemies Attack all enemies with lightning.
Luminaire 20 1000 All enemies Attack all enemies with holy light.


There is one Tech that Robo can learn that is Light-based.

Tech MP TP Target Description
Electrocute (Shock) 17 1,000 All enemies Zap all enemies with electricity.


There is one Tech that Magus knows that is Light-based.

Tech MP TP Target Description
Lightning II (Lightning 2) 8 500 All enemies Attack all enemies with lightning.

Double Techs[]

The following Double Techs are Light-based.

Tech (SNES / PS Name) Characters Techs Required (MP Cost) Target Description
Megavolt (Super Volt) Crono + Robo Lightning II (8), Electrocute (17) All enemies Attack all enemies with electricity.
Lightning Rod (Spire) Crono + Frog Lightning II (8), Aerial Strike (4) One enemy Skewer a foe and hit with lightning.
Thunder Chomp (Volt Bite) Crono + Ayla Lightning (2), Cat Attack (3) One enemy Deliver a charged bite to an enemy.

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