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This page is a list of Key Items that appear in Chrono Trigger.

# Name Description
228 Petal Ioka trading material
229 Fang Ioka trading material
230 Horn Ioka trading material
231 Feather Ioka trading material
232 Seed Gives hope to the survivors in the Future
233 Jetbike Key (Bike Key) Activates the jetbike in Site 32
234 Pendant Opens sealed doors/chests later in the game
235 Gate Key Allows you to open Gates
236 Rainbow Shard (Prism Shard) Proves the King's innocence
237 Chrono Trigger (C.Trigger) Helps in conjuring miracles
238 Carpenter's Tools (Tools) Allows repairing of the Northern Ruins
239 Spiced Jerky (Jerky) Feeds the troops and guarantees happiness
240 Dreamstone (Dream Stone) Used to fix the Masamune
241 Race Recorder (Race Log) Records race times against Johnny
242 Moon Stone Turns into a Sun Stone with sunlight
243 Sun Stone Helps create ultimate equipment
244 Ruby Knife Required to destroy the Mammon Machine
245 Yakra's Key (Yakra Key) Frees the Chancellor from imprisonment
246 Doppel Doll (Clone) A doll in the likeness of its owner
247 Toma's Spirits (Toma's Pop) Helps you start the Rainbow Shell sidequest
248 Golden Sand Used to grow a golden tree
249 Golden Hammer Helps create bridge to Tower of the Ancients
250 Prismastone Two of these creates a Saintstone
251 Saintstone Turns into a Waystone with sunlight
252 Reptmark Grants you access to the village shrine
253 Waystone Brightens up the Primeval Fortress
254 Godwood Helps create bridge to Tower of the Ancients
255 Steel Ingot Helps create bridge to Tower of the Ancients
256 Sturdy Vines Used to create a ladder at Mount Emerald
257 Hearty Lunch Food for the Nu at Mount Emerald
258 Rusted Blade Creates the Icewyrm for Crono
259 Lumicite Creates the Elemental Aegis for Lucca

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