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This page is a list of items that appear in Chrono Trigger. The names are taken from the DS version of the game.

# Name Effect
1 Potion (Tonic) Restores 50 HP
2 Mid-Potion (Mid Tonic) Restores 200 HP
3 Hi-Potion (Full Tonic) Restores 500 HP
4 Ether Restores 10 MP
5 Mid-Ether (Mid Ether) Restores 30 MP
6 Hi-Ether (Full Ether) Restores 60 MP
7 Elixir Fully restores HP and MP
8 Turbo Ether (Hyper Ether) Fully restores MP
9 Megalixir (Megaelixir) Fully restores party's HP and MP
10 Panacea (Heal) Removes status ailments
11 Athenian Water (Revive) Revives KO'd ally
12 Shelter Fully restores HP, MP at save point
13 Ambrosia (Power Meal) Restores HP or MP
14 Lapis Restores 200 HP to entire party
15 Barrier Sphere (Barrier) Casts Barrier
16 Shield Sphere (Shield) Casts Protect
17 Strength Capsule (Power Tab) Permanently raises Strength by 1
18 Magic Capsule (Magic Tab) Permanently raises Magic by 1
19 Speed Capsule (Speed Tab) Permanently raises Speed by 1
These items can be used in the Arena of the Ages.
# Name Effect
20 Slops Restores some HP to monster
21 Flameclaw Causes monster to use Fire tech
22 Seafang Causes monster to use Water tech
23 Duskeye Causes monster to use Shadow tech
24 Luxwing Causes monster to use Light tech
25 Hawk Talon Temporarily raises Strength by 5
26 Shield Cloak Damage reduction
27 Feral Wrath 4x damage for critical hits
28 Smoked Meat Restores 250 HP
29 Dried Mushroom Removes status ailments
30 Sweet Banana Restores 20 MP
31 Millenia Fruit Restores 150 HP
32 Songbird Egg Restores 40 MP

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