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Lucca (ルッカ Rukka?) is a recurring character in the Chrono (Series). First introduced in Chrono Trigger, she was a brilliant inventor and as well Crono's childhood friend. Using her genius intellect and creativity, Lucca can invent many devices, such as a battle training robot named Gato (ゴンザレス, Gonzales in the Japanese version), a short-range teleporter called The Telepod, and a Gate Key which allows for Time Gate manipulation.

"It appears to be a humanoid robot. Incredible... I think I can fix it."
— Lucca, upon seeing Robo for the first time.

She was the second playable character to be named, despite not being physically introduced until later on. As she joins Crono as a temporary party member during the adventure in the year 600 AD, and then permanently joins the party during the escape from Guardia's dungeon - she is the first officially recruited party member.

Physical Appearance[]

Lucca has short plum purple hair underneath a helmet with an antenna on the right-hand side. She wears round frame glasses. Her main attire consists of a short orange tunic with a long-sleeved teal shirt underneath, as well as a pair of black shorts. She wears a yellow scarf around her neck and a pair of dark brown boots with teal socks. She also wears a belt with a small brown pouch attached, and hanging from her shoulder she wears a large blue tool bag.

Several illustrations, along with the animated FMVs, show that Lucca prefers to work in a lighter, more casual outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt and her black shorts.


Lucca is incredibly intelligent and is quite proud of her brains. She shows what seems to be a high level of confidence, and often speaks in a sassy tone. Despite her skills and strong belief in her abilities, however, many of her inventions are said to be defective.


Chrono Trigger[]

At some point prior to the year 990 AD (Presumably 981 AD), Lucca was born to her parents, Taban and Lara Ashtear. During her childhood, she met and befriended a young boy named Crono. Lucca was raised in an environment where her father's inventions were ever-present. Though always an intelligent girl, initially she expresses frustration with them due to her father sometimes neglecting her for his pursuits. In 990 AD, Lucca would witness her mother endure a horrible accident which left her crippled and unable to walk. This event would spur Lucca to pursue science and inventing - though her exact motivation depends on the timeline and Lara's fate.

In the years between 990 AD and 1000 AD, Lucca would create many inventions alongside her father. The townspeople purport that more often than not, these inventions had a tendency to backfire or go wrong - earning Lucca a reputation as a social pariah, as well as making her a common target for condescension and doubt from the citizens of Truce. Despite this, Lucca continued to create new inventions, always displaying them in the hopes that she would find success.

In the year 1000 AD, Lucca's Telepod is scheduled to be presented on the first day of the Millennial Fair. Her father, Taban, assists her in the demonstration. The crowd expresses doubt about her chances of success and refuses to test it until Crono and his new friend, Marle, arrive. Crono then demonstrates the invention successfully. However, when Marle is inspired to try as well, the device reacts to her pendant, causing Marle to be sent back in time. Crono follows her immediately.

While Crono is searching for Marle in the past, Lucca quickly creates the Gate Key to allow her to follow Crono safely and manipulate Time Gates at her will. During this time, Lucca also realizes Marle is none other than Princess Nadia. Armed with her new invention and this revelation, Lucca encounters Crono in Guardia Palace in 600 AD and explains her findings to him. She is shocked when Crono reveals that Marle has been erased from existence, and Lucca comes to the conclusion that they must rescue the real Queen Leene to ensure her descendants will continue to exist.

Together, Lucca and Crono journey to Manolia Cathedral in search of the queen. After discovering a hairpin bearing the royal crest, the duo is attacked by the false nuns who would reveal themselves to be Mystics in disguise. After defeating them, Lucca expresses her relief before another one sneaks up behind to attacked. but Lucca is then rescued by a mysterious frog-like creature, who leaps down to slay the beast and then proposes they join forces. Lucca is immediately shocked by his appearance, stating to Crono that she hates frogs. taking this as a rejection, Frog goes to leave, but Lucca asks him to stay, remarking that he doesn't seem like a bad "person... frog... thing." as she asks Crono whether they should accept his offer, and regardless of his answer, Lucca will overcome her fear of frogs to work alongside him. as the trio ventures deeper into the Cathedral and successfully rescues the queen. After returning to Guardia Palace, Lucca witnesses Frog express his shame for letting the Queen fall captive. Once he leaves, Lucca tries to stop him and finally confesses that "froggy" wasn't a bad guy, after all, slowly showing her newfound fondness for him.

When Crono is accused of abducting Marle, she rescues him from the Prison Towers in Guardia Castle and single-handedly disarms several royal officials in the process. despite not being charged for her involvement in the disappearance, Lucca seems to have little regard for becoming an enemy of the state when it comes to her friend.

as the trio were Fleeing in Present to evade the Chancellor and his guards, Marle would urge Lucca to open a Gate that leads thirteen hundred years into the Future. In the Proto Dome, an abandoned robot is discovered by the party. Lucca is immediately fascinated and attempts to repair the robot. She is successful, and thus awakens Robo. He later joins the party in their quest to discover what has become of humanity and is extremely grateful to Lucca for repairing him. In one of the full-motion videos from the PlayStation and Nintendo DS versions, Lucca is trapped by several hostile robots. while Robo comes to her aid by bursting through the robots.

Later on, when the party recovers Dreamstone to repair the Masamune, Lucca aids Melchior in fixing the sword. Lucca has the highest priority for fixing the Masamune, and will always assist Melchior as long as she is in the party. The exact reason for this is unknown, though it is implied that Lucca's ancestor was Banta, the blacksmith who forged Leene's Bell. It is also possible that she feels guilty for her initial treatment of Frog and wishes to help him overcome his self-loathing.

Lucca continues to blame herself for the brutal accident which took the legs of her mother, Lara Ashtear, in the year 990 AD. During the course of her time-travels, an opportunity opens for her to revisit that moment and change the events. After saving Fiona's Forest, the party camps out and speaks about their adventures, prompting Marle to ask Lucca if there are any moments in time she would like to go back to. Lucca dodges the question, hesitant to open up about her traumatic experience, and the party eventually goes to sleep. Later, Lucca wakes up in the night to discover the existence of a strange Red Gate. Lucca investigates and realizes that the Red Gate returns her to the year 990 AD, more specifically just before the accident occurred. Lucca relives the events of that day, but this time has the opportunity to find her father's password to the machine and disable it before her mother can be maimed. If the player successfully saves Lara in this sequence, she can be seen walking around the Ashtear residence.

In the ending FMV scene, Lucca goes on to create a mini-robot modeled after Robo. In the same scene, Lucca finds an infant with a pendant that is later revealed to be Chrono Cross protagonist Kid, the clone daughter of Schala. She smiles briefly in recognition of the pendant before picking up the infant and returning home with her.

Lucca appears in several of the alternate endings of the game. In one, she and Marle narrate the credits as they roll by. In another, she seems to harbor intense attraction to Frog's handsome human form.

Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki[]

Lucca opens an orphanage in Regiorra, where she eventually adopts Kid. At some point in her life, she gave the Chrono Trigger to Kid. Lynx kidnaps and murders her while searching for a specimen of the device, luring Kid to his Manor to unite her sample with the Frozen Flame. Strongly attached to Lucca, as Kid seeks vengeance on Lynx but is unable to exact it when soldiers from Porre intervene. As a musician, Serge also wrote a song that Lucca was quite fond of.

Chrono Cross[]

In Chrono Cross, where she is referred to as Dr. Lucca Ashtear it is discovered that Lucca eventually converted her house into a form of an orphanage. Kid is revealed to have been found by Lucca and raised in the orphanage. Lucca is later kidnapped prior to the beginning of Chrono Cross by Lynx and Harle in an effort to subdue the Prometheus Circuit that keeps the Frozen Flame sealed. She was presumably killed off by Lynx sometime after her abduction. Later on, she appears as an illusion alongside with Crono and Marle as one of the Ghost Children haunting Opassa Beach and Dead Sea. With the others, she chastises Serge for undoing their efforts to thwart the destruction of Lavos, although his bad influence on the timeline which was accidental.


Lucca is a long-range combatant using her gun for regular combat; if the enemy gets close, she swings her hammer at them. However, she is not very strong physically and suffers from lower hit points and defensive power. Her real strength lies in her talents as an offensive mage character, relying on techs that deal damage. While she possesses a wide variety of dual and triple techs, most of them inflict fire damage, making her less useful against enemies with resistance to the element. She also possesses a defense buffing spell as well as the ability to put enemies to sleep.

As Lucca's Magical element is Fire, she takes less damage from the element. Lucca does have one unique advantage over Marle: her father Taban makes special equipment for her from time to time that can give her combat abilities a considerable boost, particularly covering some of her weak spots such as speed. It's advisable to check in with her father Taban after a major story event or two to see if he's developed something for her.


Tech (SNES/PS1 Name) Japanese Name MP TP Element Target Description
Flamethrower 火炎放射 1 10 Fire Line of enemies Burn enemies along a direct line. (Fire)
Hypnowave 催眠音波 1 60 N/A All enemies Put all enemies to sleep.
Fire ☆ファイア 2 N/A Fire One enemy Attack an enemy with fire. (Fire)
Napalm ナパームボム 3 150 Fire Circle of enemies Bomb enemies within a circle. (Fire)
Protect ☆プロテクト 6 250 N/A One ally Boost ally's Defense.
Fire II (Fire 2) ☆ファイガ 8 400 Fire All enemies Attack all enemies with fire. (Fire)
Megaton Bomb (Mega Bomb) メガトンボム 15 800 Fire Circle of enemies Blast enemies within a circle. (Fire)
Flare ☆フレア 20 900 Fire All enemies Attack all enemies with intense fire. (Fire)


Lucca initial stats

Lucca's initial stats.

Lucca's highest stat is Magic, which always increases as she level up. So practically, Lucca does not need Magic Capsules, since she can reach 99 Magic before reaching Level 99. Lucca is the character with the highest magic in the game, only being surpassed by Magus, who has the highest magic of all characters (Unless the player decides to fight him in the North Cape).

Later in the DS and Steam versions, Lucca can increase her Stamina by 5, Speed by 3, and Magic by 5 after defeating Crimson Shade in the Dimensional Vortex, allowing Lucca to reach 99 Magic at Level 87. She can even max out Stamina and Speed before Level 99 if Crimson Shade is defeated multiple times in multiple matches via New Game+.

Level HP MP Strength Stamina Accuracy Evasion Magic Magic Defense
2 75 14 2 6 8 8 8 10
10 179 30 4 13 11 9 17 22
20 325 50 7 21 15 13 27 38
30 481 70 10 29 20 16 37 55
40 657 86 12 37 24 19 47 72
50 837 96 15 45 28 22 57 89
60 999 99 18 53 32 25 67 99
70 999 99 21 61 36 29 77 99
80 999 99 24 69 41 32 87 99
90 999 99 26 77 45 35 97 99
99 999 99 29 84 49 38 99 99

Appearances in Other Media[]


In Xenogears, another Square game, Lucca has a brief cameo appearance in the village of Lahan. Masato Kato revealed in interviews that Lahan is one of the locations he designed for the game, which could explain why Lucca appears in it.

  • Lucca has a pretty strong resemblance to Arale Norimaki from Dr. Slump given that Akira Toriyama is the artist for the series.
  • Lucca appears in The Fiendlord's Castle as a decoy, and as a trap for Robo. Each player is tempted by a character they care deeply for. while Robo's illusion is Lucca, as she had repaired him in the year 2300 AD.

Name Etymology[]

Lucca is a city of northwest Italy west of Florence. On the site of an ancient Ligurian settlement and a Roman colony, it became a free commune in the 12th century and was later an independent republic. It's one of Italy's most conservative and richest cities. Lucca is also the root of many light-oriented words, such as luminescence.

Also, Lucca's name may be an adaptation of "Lucia", which was the name given to a Catholic Saint who is titled "Healer of the Blind".



Animated In-Game Sprites=[]






Musical Theme[]

Music Title Music Track
Fanfare 1


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