Lucca Ashtear

Official artwork of Lucca by Akira Toriyama.

Time Era Present
Home Area Truce
Age 19
Weapon Type Gun, hammer
Magical Element Fire
Family Taban Ashtear (Father)
Lara Ashtear(Mother)
Kid (adopted little sister)
Gender Female
Friends / Colleagues Crono
Queen Leene
King Guardia XXI
King Guardia XXXIII
Crono's Mother

Lucca (ルッカ "Rukka"?) is a recurring character in the Chrono (Series). First introduced in Chrono Trigger, she is a brilliant inventor and Crono's childhood friend. Using her genius intellect and creativity, Lucca invents many devices, such as a battle-training robot named Gato (ゴンザレス "Gonzales" in the Japanese version), a short-range teleporter called The Telepod, and a Gate Key which allows for Time Gate manipulation.

"It appears to be a humanoid robot. Incredible... I think I can fix it"
— Lucca, upon seeing Robo for the first time.

She is the second playable character to be named, despite not being physically introduced until later. She joins Crono as a temporary party member during the adventure in the year 600 AD, and then permanently joins the party during the escape from Guardia's dungeon - making her the first officially recruited party member.

Physical Appearance

Lucca has short plum purple hair underneath a helmet with an antenna on the right-hand side. She wears round frame glasses. Her main attire consists of a short orange tunic with a long-sleeved teal shirt underneath, as well as a pair of black shorts. She wears a yellow scarf around her neck and a pair of dark brown boots with teal socks. She also wears a belt with a small brown pouch attached, and hanging from her shoulder she wears a large blue tool bag.

Several illustrations, along with the animated FMVs, show that Lucca prefers to work in a lighter, more casual outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt and her black shorts.

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