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"T'ank you. I vas able to gat'er valuable data. And... uhhh... Serge... Grow up to be a fine young man!"
— Luccia

Luccia (ルチアナ Ruchiana?) is the scientific genius of the Acacia Dragoons in Viper Manor, able to reanimate Dragonian technology and craft startlingly original innovations of her own in Chrono Cross. She speaks with a Transylvanian accent, indicated by the exclusion of "h" sounds and the substitution of "w" sounds for "v" sounds in her speech.



Luccia has light brown eyes, the left of which she wears a monocle. She has purple hair that she keeps combed back and fastened in a bronze-colored bandana. Luccia sports a white lab coat, tailored to resemble a lady's blazer and skirt, trimmed with black, boasting several bronze buttons, and has an exaggerated black and bronze collar that matches a strap that goes over her hip. On her feet, she wears white heeled shoes over tight black stockings.



SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

Originating from Porre, the militaristic city became her main place of employment working with her brother, another scientific genius whose personal project was the creation of Grobyc. She met Lucca during her time on the mainland where they exchanged information about a variety of subjects. Luccia remained stoic and took much pride and enthusiasm in her work and jumped at opportunities to collect new data.

Unfortunately tragedy would strike her life three times: Around the year 1011 A.D. she was involved with the falling out of Fargo and General Viper. She tried to assist Zelbess and Marcy (Fargo's wife and newborn daughter respectively) but was only able to save the child. She felt responsible and watched over Marcy's development from afar. Four years later, in 1015 A.D. Lynx and Harle burned Lucca's house to the ground. Fortunately, Lucca had left a letter with Luccia with instructions telling her to give the correspondence to Kid in 1020 A.D.. The last tragic event to befall Luccia was the death of her brother in a lab explosion in Porre that was set by Norris to destroy the StrongArm and protect the world from a potentially dangerous Grobyc. It claimed her brother's life, while he managed to save Grobyc.

To get away from it all, Luccia moved to El Nido and took up residence in Viper Manor. There, she created a few pet projects of her own. She was able to reanimate Cybot defenders created by the Dragonians, and constructed a few of her own defence units called Bulbs. Her greatest works were NeoFio and Pip, two unique life forms that could evolve under certain conditions. She met Serge in her laboratory in 1020 A.D. during his raid on the manor where she told him to come to visit her after the night's events came to a close. Serge unlocked Pip's cage at this time, allowing the creature to run free. When Serge returned, Luccia noted that she could collect new data by accompanying him on his quest and sojourned with them thereafter. Pip eventually achieved evolution, and NeoFio was brought to life with the Life Sparkle. After Kid was revived from her coma, Luccia gave her the letter from Lucca at last. Luccia then briefly studied Grobyc before assisting Serge in his attack on the Time Devourer.

Following its The Time Devourer's defeat, Luccia thanked Serge for helping her find valuable data and gestured that he will grow to be a very fine man.



On your second visit to Viper Manor (Another World), find Luccia on the balcony and follow her to her lab.

Tech Skills[]



  • Large Element Grid


  • Generally low stats


Luccia's name appears to be an adaptation of Lucia. In Catholic Traditions, Lucia was the name attributed to a Saint who was titled "Healer of the Blind". This is appropriate as Luccia rescues and raises Marcy after failing to save the girl's mother, Zelbess.



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