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Luminaire is the eighth and last Tech learned by Crono in Chrono Trigger. It is the most powerful light elemental Tech in the game. Deals massive Light elemental damage to all enemies.


Levitating into the air, Crono spreads his arms. A green dome swells from the center of the screen and rises. At its optimal size, the screen flashes white and the dome dissipates, causing damage to all foes on-screen.


As the most powerful tech damage-wise in Chrono Trigger, it dominates the battlefield. Crono, however, has lower Magic Attack than characters such as Magus and Lucca, and is seemingly wasted upon him, as his physical attacks are more worthwhile in battle. Equipping Crono with the Rainbow and Prism Spectacles can replace a reliance upon this tech. However, should this tech be used, the player can equip Crono with the Silver Stud or Golden Stud, to compensate for Crono's low MP. Additionally, using Magic Capsules on him can also compensate for his low Magic Power.

Enemy Tech[]

Luminaire is also used by Spekkio, Nu Guardian, and Steel Shade. The animation is identical to Crono's version of the Tech, minus one key factor: the caster does not levitate above the ground while casting it. Once-King Dalton has a Tech with a very similar animation, called Plasma.

Name origin[]

A luminaire is an electrical light fixture with one or more light-bulbs.


  • Serge, the main character of Chrono Cross, casts a spell called Luminaire with a similar animation, magical element, and damage qualities as Crono's tech.


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