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Lynx is the main antagonist of Chrono Cross and one of the primary antagonists of Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki.


Lynx appears as demi-human with a feline-like face and amber colored eyes. He wears a long black, high neck trench coat with prominent abdominal markings tied in a light purple obi, black pants, black boots, a gold and black hat on his head where small bits of dark brown hair emerge, and a black mantle on his back with a golden lining.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

Chrono Cross[]

Lynx was Serge's biological father Wazuki until he was corrupted by the FATE supercomputer. When Wazuki took Serge to be healed by the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis, he was corrupted by its emanations and subsequently became subject to mind control by the FATE supercomputer. Since the Prometheus Circuit locked FATE's access to the Frozen Flame, FATE shaped Lynx with the objective of killing Serge and restoring the connection. Total control was achieved in 1010 AD., the year in which FATE made Wazuki attempt to drown his son. Regardless of whether it succeeded in either dimension, this effectively wiped the last remains of Wazuki's mind and care for Serge, allowing him to be physically reconfigured to resemble the panther demon that attacked Serge in 1006 A.D.. Lynx had a sentience and personality out of his own apart from FATE, becoming sadistic and manipulative, motivated only to achieve his goal while sating his own sick desires in the process. In Another World, FATE reasoned that Serge would cross the dimensions in the year 1020 A.D. and Lynx was called back to set up events that would take advantage of this fact. He was sent abroad to Porre and then to Viper Manor in order to play the two parties and set up FATE's plan, joining Harle around this time.

FATE grew impatient in the year 1015 A.D. and sent Lynx to Lucca's house to abduct the famous scientist to use her to disengage the Prometheus Circuit. Lynx set fire to the entire orphanage, nearly killing all the children in the process. Lucca did not comply to his desires was subsequently killed. A young Kid developed a scathing hatred of Lynx, who she remembered from the fire.

Lynx tried to capture the Serge when he raided Viper Manor, but this proved unsuccessful. Knowing that Serge would follow him to Fort Dragonia, he withdrew with the Dragoons and made preparations. Lynx continued to pique both Porre and the Acacia Dragoons' curiosity concerning the Frozen Flame and by 1020 A.D., Porre stood ready to invade, and the Acacia Dragoons were at Lynx's beck and call. His plan was to lure Serge to Fort Dragonia and perform a ritual to switch bodies with him. This would fool Chronopolis's defence system into thinking Lynx was Serge. When Serge came, he stabbed General Viper in the back and undertook the ritual. Now inhabiting Serge's body, he stabbed Kid, adopting her as his new travelling companion. He then sent Serge into the Temporal Vortex and returned to Chronopolis while wreaking havoc on the way.

Anticipating Serge's return, he launched an offensive on the boy and his friends at Hermit's Hideaway. He was thwarted by Fargo, who escorted Serge to safety. Lynx then laid in wait at Fort Dragonia in Home World, where he then battled the boy again, duly retreating upon his defeat. He kept Kid with him and returned to Chronopolis where he once again waited for a final showdown with Serge but his close proximity to the FATE computer reshaped him into a horrific and terrible adversary. Even in this form, he was vanquished by the young boy along with the FATE supercomputer. His last words mentioned that he was not supposed to die, effectively revealing that he was not privy to the full scope of Project Kid as planned by Belthasar.

Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki[]

As a usurper of Viper manor, Lynx is the holder of the Frozen Flame. Enticed by the gem's power, Kid, along with Gil and Serge, seek to steal the Frozen Flame. Spying on his infiltrators, Lynx silently watches as they investigate his Manor and weasel their way in and out the traps he laid for them. The inhabitants of the Manor, namely Riddel and Grismeld, loathe him and are all too eager to assist the thieves with finding the Flame.

While exploring the estate, the party learns Lynx fooled General Viper and his Dragoons into securing the Frozen Flame before double crossing them. Radius is one such Dragoon, lured by the promise of power. When Kid finally confronts Lynx, she learns he lured her there to unite the Flame with the Chrono Trigger and enhance his power. There, in the ruins of Zeal, he shamelessly admits to murdering Lucca. Eventually Vera shows up with an army, which forces Lynx to flee, leaving his ultimate fate to remain unknown.



Serge is forced to switch bodies with Lynx during the events at the end of Fort Dragonia in Another World, forcing you to recruit him.

Boss Fight[]

Main article: Lynx (Boss)

Lynx is fought twice, first in Viper Manor and again in Fort Dragonia. He uses the Elements HellSoul, HellBound, Imbecile, AntiWhite, and Brimstone. He adds his special moves: Glide Hook and Feral Cats in the second battle.


  • Strongest available character for a large portion of the game
  • Large Element Grid


  • Unavailable for most of the game

Tech Skills[]



  • Lynx's feline appearance, the fact that he manifests as a male incarnation of FATE in the final battle with him, and his large black and gold color scheme are likely a reference to Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec god of fate, black magic, and chaos. In Aztec myth, Tezcatlipoca was identified with and would take the form of a jaguar - the animal that attacked Serge as a child. In Incan mythology, the cougar (which Lynx is identified as) has a similar role to the jaguar in Meso-American mythologies.
  • During the first battle where you play as Lynx in Fort Dragonia against Serge, Kid, and your third party member, he comes equipped with his Scythe. This is the only battle where the player can use his weapon. Also, Lynx lacks both the GlideHook and FeralCats Tech Skill. Instead of he comes with Dash&Slash.
    • However, during New Game + if the Spectra Swallow is on the save file, he uses a different Scythe that shares the stats of the Spectra Swallow and has a glowing effect that shifts with the colors of the rainbow.
    • In New Game+ it is possible to win as Lynx, due to a higher than typical level. This interaction provides the player a new scene where Lynx inspects a defeated Kid, only for her to stab him, knocking him unconscious before collapsing.
  • There was an unused alternate portrait for Lynx that was supposed to be implemented spanning the time Serge spends in his body. The expression on his face is clearly indicative of Serge's kinder nature and is what would have led others who knew him to question why Lynx wasn't looking or behaving in his usual sinister way. Because the portrait wasn't utilized (except in the shop menu), the characters he meets merely mention there's something different about him.

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