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"Why can't we all just be happy for once? If only we could all hold hands and live together in peace and harmony? Why can't people understand this...?"
— Macha

Macha (ママチャ Mamacha?) is the strong-willed mother of Korcha and sets an example for her son by living bravely in Chrono Cross.



Macha is always seen smiling, wearing a purple skirt that features a red, yellow and black hemmed slit, and a pink top with gold trim. She wears a purple silk belt around her hips along with a loosely-worn, wide, leather belt that features a vague design. Her purple hair is tied up in a bun and adorned with a pink headband that features a large orange flower. Bronze-coloured earrings dangle from her ears, two thin necklaces of the same gold-tinged metal sit on her upper chest, a patterned bracelet is worn above her left elbow, and a matching one on her ankle.



SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

Growing up in Guldove, Macha is cultured in that way of life. Later in her life she married a man with whom she conceived Korcha with. Her husband perishes from unknown causes and is never mentioned by her or her children. Though she raises Korcha with a mother's love, he becomes free-spirited and wild. Regardless, Macha has the final say in any matters regarding her son. Macha eventually adopted Mel, and they all lived together in the residential tower. When Korcha refuses to lend Serge his boat after Serge declines to look for Hydra Humour to cure Kid's poison, Macha intervenes and lends them the boat of her own accord. Arriving in Termina, she reprimands the dock overseer for not allowing them to dock their vessel there. She then joins the party and accompanies Serge on the rest of his adventure.

After defeating the Time Devourer, Macha decided to return home, saying goodbye to Serge and giving him some parental advice.



Macha joins the party if the player decides not to save Kid after she has been poisoned.

Tech Skills:[]


  • Good attack & Highest physical defense
  • High magic power & magic defense


  • Low HP



Macha appears to be a feminine form of the word macho. Alternatively, "CHA" seems to be a phonetic addition to word endings in the Guldove dialect. Along with, ma, a colloquialism for mother, her name may simply indicate that she is a mother from Guldove. "Matcha" and "kocha" are also types of tea (matcha is green tea, kocha is a British black tea), tying Macha and Korcha's names together.


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