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Boss Battle Strategies[]

Chrono Trigger Boss
Battle with Magus
Japanese 魔王
Romaji Maō

Magus is faced twice in the game as a Boss. The first time is as at the Fiendlord's Keep in 600 A.D. The second is an optional battle on the North Cape in 12000 BC.

As a boss Battle, he possesses much higher HP and is generally way more powerful than any playable character, given the general level at which he is encountered. When he's recruited, his HP takes a massive drop and must relearn much of his former magical arsenal, though all of his other stats take a considerable boost. Given a sufficiently leveled PC Magus, he could defeat any of his boss counterparts with ease, so it is safe to assume that the drainage of power he took from Lavos was only temporary and he went on to become even more powerful than he was before.

Boss Battle at The Fiendlord's Keep[]

Magus is the first boss in the Fiendlord's Keep. He's easily the strongest boss faced at that point in the game. The battle with him happens in two phases.

In the first phase, Magus is protected by his powerful Barrier spell, which is a stronger form of the protection offered by the Barrier Sphere, and also has a very high physical defense. Each time he is hit, he will respond with Barrier Change, a spell that allows him to randomly shift to one of the four elemental weaknesses while absorbing the elements that are not weaknesses. In addition to the barrier-shift, he will cast a spell that matches his weakness; Fire II for Fire, Lightning II for Light, Ice II for Water, and Dark Bomb for Shadow. Out of all the Barrier shifts, the Dark Bomb is the only single-target spell. At some points in the first battle, he will cast Hell Geyser, less damaging than the barrier-shift spells, but it inflicts the Sap (HP Down) status. He will also use his physical attack, which does medium damage. Frog's Masamune is the only weapon that can inflict damage without causing Magus' magic barrier to change and lowers Magus' magic defense.

The second phase is marked by Magus dropping his barrier so that he can charge up for his ultimate attack. Crono and the team will have a few rounds to hit him with all the power they have. He will no longer counterattack during this phase. Before he casts his ultimate attack, he will cast a spell that does nothing to the party but signals that he is about to unleash the spell soon (the screen will read "Magus risks casting a spell!", followed by a circle of small green balls entering toward Magus). On the next turn, he will cast his ultimate spell: Dark Matter, which will inflict a lot of damage, enough to wipe out a character if not in full health (does about 230 HP damage if the party is at around Lv 22/23). The team has just a few rounds more to recover and do damage before he does it again.

Because of the need for diverse magic attacks in the first phase of the battle and high physical damage in the second phase, Robo is recommended as the third member of the group as Rocket Roll qualifies as a Shadow Magic attack for the first phase and Triple Raid is extremely powerful for both the first phase (when Magus is weak against Shadow) and the second phase. In addition, Frog has Heal and Robo has Heal Beam, which allows the two characters to heal the entire party alternatively in the first phase and to heal consecutively in the second phase.

Boss Battle at The North Cape[]

After the Blackbird quest, he awaits the party at the North Cape. When the party arrived, he first mocks Crono for wanting to assault Lavos at the Ocean Palace and then offers Frog - or the entire party if Frog is not present - an opportunity for revenge. If Frog or the party chooses not to fight Magus, he joins the party. If Frog or the party takes him up on the offer, the second boss fight against Magus takes place.

Because his power was drained away during the battle with Lavos, he can only use Lightning II, Fire II, and Ice II. His defense is no longer boosted and he no longer has the Barrier shift. Even so, his magic attacks can still do a good amount of damage and hit all if unprepared.

If Frog is one of the three front-line characters and you choose to fight Magus, Frog will fight Magus alone. This match is much easier than having a party of three without Frog because players don't have to worry about massive healing as Magus' spells hit all every time. All that Frog needs to do is an attack with Masamune when HP is high and use healing techs when your HP is quite low.