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Manor Key
Manor Key.jpg
Description The key to the front door of Viper Manor borrowed from the stableman. Bear's Viper's Insignia.

The Manor Key is an item Chrono Cross. It is used to gain entrance into the Viper Manor.


  • Found at: Viper Manor (Another World)
  • Use: Used to open the front door to the Viper Manor.
  • Acquired: After the player enters Viper Manor, they find the Stables. Approaching the old Stablekeeper, he offers the key if the party is willing to work for it. He presumes the party members are his new stable-hands, and they must feed the dragon mounts of the Acacia Dragoons. Depending on how many the player feeds, they receive a special reward, and the key. It is not important how many mounts are fed.

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