Career 'Diva' of the 4 Devas
Age 9
Gender Female
Origin Zenan Mainland
World Another World
Height 4'9"
Weight 84 lbs
Build Smallish
Laterality Left-handed
Weapon Glove
Innate Element Blue
"What? Oh, I already knew that... I know that half of the blood within me is that of a demi-human... And I know that it'll be easier for me if I can accept that fact... What are you, my school counselor or something? Like, tell me something I don't know..."
— Marcy

Marcy (マルチェラ Maruchera?, for Marcella) is the youngest of the four Devas in Chrono Cross and is a fiery girl who gets her way while maintaining strong likes and dislikes for others. She is also the daughter of Fargo and Zelbess and Nikki's younger sister.


Marcy has blue eyes and blond hair. Her hairstyle is called "ox horns", a typical style in which Chinese children dress their hair; depictions of girls in Chinese paintings frequently show girls in ox horns. For armor, she wears a breastplate, heavy boots, a buckler, and gauntlets. Underneath the armor, she wears a frilly pink tutu.


Marcy was born in tragedy; she was the last child that Zelbess gave birth to from Fargo, making her part Demi-human. Soon after, the falling out between Viper and Fargo occurred, and Fargo's family were forced to flee for their lives. While Zelbess died, Luccia was able to save Marcy, who she began to raise from a distance. Marcy was free to do what she pleased, and developed a picky attitude while working on her fighting skills as she grew up. When Luccia moved to Viper Manor in 1017 A.D., Marcy moved with her, and was introduced to the Acacia Dragoons formally. She became reputable for her fighting skills, and was soon promoted to the position of Deva alongside Karsh, Zoah, (and Dario, if he were still alive). The details of her parenthood were kept secret during this time. In 1020 A.D., she encountered Serge in the library of the Manor, eagerly jumping at the chance to inflict pain upon the intruders. However, she was beaten and forced to retreat; this caused her to hate Serge with a passion. She unleashed her rage upon him at Mount Pyre before the Fort Dragonia body-changing ritual took place, though she was beaten once more. After the Devas discovered the injured Viper and the shards of the Dragon Tear, Marcy collected the pieces and returned to Termina. She eventually joined Serge's party once all the Acacia Dragoons met at the S.S. Invincible; while traveling with him, she learned that Nikki was her brother and Fargo her father. This allowed her to reconcile with her half Demi-human heritage.

How to RecuitEdit

Marcy automatically joins the party after Riddel is rescued from Viper Manor midway through the game.


Main article: Marcy (Boss)

Marcy is fought as a boss twice. She is first fought in Viper Manor and then later with Zoah and Karsh in Mount Pyre.


  • Strong at both magic and attacking
  • Large Element Grid
  • High Evasion


  • Low HP

Tech SkillsEdit


The name Marcy traces back to Mars, the Roman god of war. Though Mars was the name of the god, it also came to mean "warlike" or "of war," related to the Latin stem 'mart-' (hence the English word 'martial'). This fits because she is a renowned fighter, like the war-like deity.