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Marge is Serge's mother and Wazuki's wife in Chrono Cross. She gave birth to Serge in 1003 A.D and practices being a good mother. She grew up in Arni and wedded her husband in her early twenties.

"Leena came by to see if you were up, but you, young man, were still off in never-never land. You shouldn't break promises like that. Girls can be pretty scary if you make them angry!"
— Marge to Serge

When Serge is bitten by a panther demon in the year 1006 A.D., Wazuki heals the boy and brings him back to his wife, before quickly and mysteriously going missing, leaving his wife behind.

Now a single mother, Marge continued to care for her son with strict yet encouraging discipline, even helping encourage his relationship with a fellow villager named Leena. Lynx briefly visits her in Arni, but she believes her son is inhabiting the body. She tells him to follow his heart and bids him well on his journey.

In Another World, Marge dies shortly after Serge drowns.

Connections to Chrono Trigger[]

Marge's dialogue at the game's beginning is identical to the dialogue of Crono's Mother at the beginning of Chrono Trigger and many other personality traits are shared between the two characters. Both are single mothers with one male son, who is selected as a hero figure. Also, both seem to have feline companion/s.

Name Origin[]

Marge is a variation of Margaret, the Patron Saint of motherhood in Catholicism.


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