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Master's Crown is headgear in Chrono Trigger (DS), found in the DS exclusive dungeon of Dimensional Vortex. Like the Prism Dress, it is restricted by gender so only Crono, Frog, Magus, or Robo can wear it.

Stacking with other damage boosting items[]

  • The Master's Crown stacks multiplicatively with Prism Spectacles, yielding an effective 1.875x damage modifier.
  • The Master's Crown stacks multiplicatively with Sunglasses, yielding an effective 1.5625x damage modifier.

Items Slot Damage Modifier
Sunglasses Accessory 1.2500x
Prism Spectacles Accessory 1.5000x
Master's Crown Headgear 1.2500x
Master's Crown + Sunglasses Headgear + Accessory 1.5625x
Master's Crown + Prism Spectacles Headgear + Accessory 1.8750x

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